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8/9/2005 9:27 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Get her hot!

My wife and I have been having way more sex than usual lately. Actually, I have noticed that when I get her hot, nice and slow, she responds so much better. This morning we were laying in bed, and of course we always try to get up as early as possible so that we can get to work on time...but I started massaging her tits, it started out totally slowly. Just a light touch, and then moved on to something much heavier. A few minutes later I was fully kneading her tits and then not too soon afterwards I was stroking her pussy. Pretty soon she started moaning, and arching her back. I kissed all up and down her belly and occasionally would lick her pussy too. I kept massaging her pussy. As she arched her back I snuck my free hand onto her asshole and started massaging it too. I kept on alternating pressure on her clit and asshole. Pretty soon she cummed pretty good. Then I touched her pussy a little more, before we had sex, strait up.

So why am I frustrated? The sex was pretty disapointing. I mean the foreplay kicked ass, once we have sex it's usually pretty lame. The thing is, I would rather fool arround and not even have sex, if it is going to be such a bummer. Dunno....

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