delerium, deleria  

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4/26/2006 5:02 am

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delerium, deleria

tum te tum, etcetera... one fine day in the middle of the night, two dead men got up to fight, back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other. So what to do when every problem I ever perceived comes up all at once and every carefully planned solution escapes my remembrance? I know I choose my fate, my will is free and I can decide who I be and want to be and am. I choose to be happy or otherwise..... Springs to mind a first world war "creeping barrage", coming at me with no cover hither and there. Solution? Switch on the telly and drown out the s**t.
My creative self was in overload, my survival self was in survival mode and my higher self disconnected from it all.. or something. I read that to focus the mind is in fact meditation, that it is NOT necessarily the mind being empty that makes possible access to the higher self, but it is that mind being distracted by a focus on something else, whether it is reading, tv, a film, anything that demands ALL my mind's attention. In the past I have called these things "escapism" ("bad" ) and now I gather it is meditation ("good" ). Sleep is the same thing: a distraction of the mind. When I awake from [insert meditation/escapist method] I am clear, calm, free and light - and solutions are just there, present without thought.

Every sales person knows that every (buying) decision is emotional.. so is everything if it is to be true.

The truth will set me free..... and it does, I just wish for more.

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