Where guys go wrong...  

anthonyfca 60M
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3/11/2006 10:08 am
Where guys go wrong...

I know lots about this one!

Have to stick to the big ones I guess. Let's think.

(1) Responsibility. Girls are generally nice people; don't want to cause hurt etc - so avoid at all costs letting them think they carry responsibility for how you feel - otherwise they are focussed on how you feel (NOT attractive) instead of how they feel. They miss whether they have any inner response to your male approach. They miss whether they are pleased by your presence - which is your objective, to please the lass.

(2) She KNOWS you want to shag her, so concentrate on everything else about what's on offer from you - without denying you want her. IF she has any apparent doubt then reassure her, but mostly she will assume you want her, you being male and all.

Make her laugh. She doesn't want a comedian, but to be amused - and Bob's your Uncle.

It's not rocket science, for we are simple organisms - unlike the ladies... we will die just for her smile and yet this she will give as a last gasp..


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