My day today.. (later: or the meaning of life?.. why exist?..)  

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3/24/2006 1:39 pm

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My day today.. (later: or the meaning of life?.. why exist?..)

The world according to me.. it occurred to me, could there be a world according to me? I suppose. The one I see. Not much in it - yet everything is in it. What would I do with this life if I could? If I wanted to? Apart from start again with what I know now - we mostly all would do that one. What age would I want to start at? That's a hard one. I like the peace of where I am now. What would I do if I could? What would I like to do? Or be? Does what I do define what I be? (am). No. I am a father, boyfriend, adviser, guide, dishwasher, car mechanic (today for a few minutes), fixer and odd bod, yet none of these is what I am. I may be a builder or candlestick maker; these are not who I am. I heard once a story that someone was asked who they are and they handed the questioner a business card. I am not who or what I represent at some given moment or section of time. I am beyond that. Is a parent who I am? Nope, that is simply a part of my life. Not all of it and even if it were, still it is not who I am. I am a soul seeking experience so that I may know the difference. The difference between sorrow and joy, the opposition of happy and sad, the edge between love and hate; for all of these give meaning to the other. If I never knew sadness I could not appreciate the depth of joy - for if I know only joy, then how do I know what it is? Only when I do not have it do I miss it. Love.. it has been said that ALL is love, there is nothing else, but illusion. What would I do today, or at all, if I could? I would bring some joy to one thus who knows the difference.


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