My day - really..  

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3/24/2006 2:10 pm

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My day - really..

Fell out of bed - ok, off it, since it is a mattress on the floor, around 11am. Slept badly, cold, not enough coverings. Noticed had left the shutters in "let light through" mode so it was light as well. Hit the shower and obluted generally; refreshed ready for a day. Checked email, not much doing, closed the lid and headed out for breakfast. Drove via back route to Carrefour (a shopping mall/complex/whatever in France), checked out the trousers (clothes!!), bought some cooked ham and sausages for survival rations (staying over with friends), exited via the "males only" cash till (the one that says "less than ten items" - only a male could do this), passed through the gadgets shop looking for a USB microphone (left mine at home), found one, could not bring self to buy it as already have one, headed to the cafe with mounting excitement. Coffee! The Real stuff, "un petit cafe?" (Es/xpresso to Heathens) as the lady says, she knows what I want. I add a slice of eggy looking pizza, can't think what it's called, bite into it and taste .. something green and healthy... spinach? broccoli? anyway, it's ok and adds substance to the experience. Kiche? Keesh? Not pizza. Don't like pizza much. All costs three euro 60 cents (or whatever they call hundredths of a euro, I think it IS cents..) wonderfully cheap and very tasty. Go back for a second petit cafe. Dig out book, do my half hour learning German. Gosh it's complicated and most of it doesn't make sense in any case (pun intended). Notice flash girly BMW arrive in car park.. notice very bright coloured blonde exit car and twiddle with remote ... notice every guy in the place has noticed... and some lasses.. whole cafe watches progress .. high split pencil skirt through revolving doors.. guys heard to say "magnifique!" .. it/she was, a magnificent display. She appeared oblivious; like we believed that. Back to Deutsch.. interesting really. Polish off can of Jus d'orange and out to car. Go explore sports goods shop. Spend couple of hours searching for roller blades, walking boots; mine are worn out and need a cobbler or replacing as I wear them all day every day, examine ski tour bindings and boots. Note prices. Return to appartment where mine hostess is doing children things, one has been returned early from school with damage; ear-ache or some such. Leave in car for station to collect my friend on his return from the office in Geneva; we chitchat in car and arrive home again to complete family, child two is present and the usual chaos carrying on.

And so it goes.


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