We have a date!!  

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5/10/2005 12:41 pm

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We have a date!!

It’s very strange. I never dated a lot when I was in high school or college. I went out but it was very rarely the standard 'make a date for next week' sort of thing. We started this seriously about 6 weeks ago. We have met with 3 couples (and we are emailing and chatting with a few others that we like). We liked all 3 but I think we will only “adventure” with 2 of them. We have also gone to swingers clubs 3 times. On the last we had our first real swinger experience.
It was fun! We danced, touched and played and it re-enforced the feelings that I get turned on by watching my wife get turned on. I love seeing her writhing in passion and lust. This feeling is what I hoped swinging would be and what I thought it must be like for others. Seeing her face while she is experiencing passion, lust and satisfaction is more powerful than jealousy or my own uncertainty. I believe she feels the same way but I think it comes more easily for her. The thing is it really surprised me.

Now we have a date with one of the couples. We have a time and a place and it seems strange. Not in a bad way. This is the first time we have made an appointment (date) to have some form of sex. Was it strange for everyone else? We are really looking forward to it (if you are reading this we really can’t wait, I can’t wait) but I feel 14. What will we bring? Music, toys, rubber sheets and a bottle of olive oil and don’t forget a hair cut. Am I over thinking things (I tend to do that?) Maybe.

If anyone wants to tell us about their first time please be our guests!!!

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