Clubs, Cams and Squirting  

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4/23/2005 12:55 pm

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Clubs, Cams and Squirting

The “other club” was having a membership drive last night. We really weren’t up to a late night but we figured that we would go early, get the membership, eat dinner and go home. While we were checking in there was another couple right behind us. The guy was 50ish heavy and poorly dressed. The girl was in her early 20’s, dressed in a short plaid skirt and a little white top tied in the middle (basically a school girl outfit). She was either Asian or some type of Pacific Islander, cute. We ate, walked around the club, - it was still early. Throughout dinner the school girl kept looking over at my wife even though they were sitting with another couple. The other couple was almost identical to the first except the girl’s outfit was different.

As the evening passed the school girl was left by herself for 10 or 15 minutes several times. My wife and I talked about how she should go over and ask her to dance but we weren’t up to it. She looked and smiled. The place finally picked up and the dancing started. We danced a few times but I was sore (I had minor surgery 10 days ago) and she was tired. I spent the drive home masturbating her and when we did get home we really got to it.

In the morning we were both still horny. I went to the cam area of AdultFriendFinder and found that there were no women in the main room. I told them I was going to try and get my wife to show her great ass. Then I told her I had typed it and she came over and said ok, I turned on our cam. She was wearing an extremely short house dress. She turned around and pulled her dress up. I was getting hornier and so was she. She sat on one of my legs facing me with her back to the camera and rubbed herself against my thigh. I brought my hand around her and began to rub her clit from behind. By this point she said it was time for the bedroom. We turned the camera off and went to bed. When I walked in the room a minute after her she was already naked on the new rich wine red Egyptian cotton sheets. She was the most beautiful I had ever seen her, with her light skin and red hair on the bright red background. She made my cock so hard I thought it would explode. Because of the extreme horniness I was not able to spend the time kissing her back and neck before I went for her pussy. It’s always been my philosophy of sex to always try to give my female partner and orgasm orally as part of foreplay or at least the first inning. It doesn’t always have to be first but most of the time they like it first. After one of the most amazing oral sex sessions we have ever had I laid on my side behind her so I could kiss her neck (spooning) and I entered her.

When we were done she let me turn the web cam and broadcast while she cleaned naked for a while. That started to make us horny again and we had stuff to do so I turned off the cam and went for lunch. When I got back I found my wife in the tub with the new water proof vibrator I bought her and she had just squirted for the first time...

So it’s been a cool weekend so far and it’s not over. We have a naked lingerie party to go to.

PS. I'm sorry for so many “my wife”, “my wife” but I don’t want them to deny this because of names.

sensualbabe2004 56F

4/23/2005 1:29 pm

Sounds great.....a little stimulous from the club was well worth it, huh? You guys sound like you are really into one another, which is great...Continue the hot stuf and share more if it with us!

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