Back to the club!!  

rm_anthoney65 51M/41F
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4/26/2005 7:17 am

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Back to the club!!

So we went back to club B on Saturday night because there was supposed to be a lingerie contest sponsored by another website. I had just bought a lovely pink set that had a nice thong covered by mostly see through lace panties and a silk see through top that was looked great on her. We got there a little later than normal (for us - which is still early for most people). We sat at the back bar for a while and just watched what went on. My wife (we will call her Beth) had a sore neck and upper back so when the massage table opened up we went back to it. The guy did a real nice job for free (I tipped him $10.00) and she was feeling a lot better after that. We went back to the main room and danced for a while. There was a hot woman dressed in an army camouflage get up and I suggested to my wife the she go ask for a dance. Since she was feeling better by then she went and asked.

So she and the army girl started dancing and a whole group of cute/attractive/hot women got up and joined. It just got better from there. The girls (excuse the expression) were frolicking, taking clothes off, dancing, kissing and generally having a wild time. We ended up sitting with a couple that had just started coming to the club the same weekend. The woman of the couple (we will call her Jill) was really working my wife, trying to get us to go to the back room with them. Then another really attractive woman who had been doing a pole dance came by and said to Beth “Hey, let me know if you go to the back room”. I knew my wife would be very popular if she wanted to be.

More to come…

tat2dmale69 48M

4/26/2005 8:26 am

This is my first time reading any of your blogs. You two sound like a lot of fun. Is this Club B a strip club or a sex club? I loved that she went to dance with the Army girl. (I have an Army girl fetish) LOL.

rm_anthoney65 51M/41F
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4/26/2005 11:08 am

It was a swingers club. I had to use the club A (first one we went to) and club B (second club) to get it past the blog sensors. By the way to answer your last blog question, yes my wife loves it.
Thanks for reading.

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