I've got work to do.  

anodyne59 50M
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3/7/2006 8:31 am
I've got work to do.

Was letting my mind wander this morning at work and this recurring image came to my head. So I went with it for a few moments. I was walking home one night past the other homes I’ve always walked past (but never really wondered or known who lived there). A light flicks on in a window in front of me. The shade is drawn but I can clearly see an outline. A shapely woman toweling herself dry. I see the outline but nothing else and while bemused I keep on walking, slowly … when for just a moment, a corner of the shade is pulled and it’s as if she took a quick peek at me. As if she knew I was watching her the whole time as I passed by. I keep walking, for I have no idea who this woman is. For all I know she may be reporting me. I turn a corner and begin to pass an alley when I see her sillohuette, off to the side. Watching me ‒ and with the slightest movement of a hand pulling me into the alley. She mugs me… running her hands up and down my back, pulling my mouth to hers and my body in toward her as well. I am an all-to-willing victim and realize she’s already stroking my shaft, erect in my pants (but not for long). She has nothing but a robe on and some slippers, and as she rubs our two taut bodies together she’s opened the robe to draw me in even closer, if that’s possible. As she unzips my pants and pulls my member out, I’m dipping my knees as I caress her, and slowly raising the tip of my dick inside of her. She shivers, not from cold, but from the anticipation. As I enter her, we course, up and down, the first couple of times finding our own, unspoken rhythm, interrupted only by the occasional gasp or panting -- Oh crap, I’ve got work to do.

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