The Tailor  

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4/21/2005 12:30 pm

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The Tailor

You need a suit for the formal engagement in 2 weeks. You call the tailor you have been using the past 4 years- can you come in at lunch to measure for your new suit he asks. Of course. Any deviation from your normal lunch- when you can get out- is welcome. You walk the 2 blocks and take the elevator to the 7th, down the hall, and into the glass fronted shop. He is from Spain and older and sometimes he talks so fast you don’t know quite what he is saying but he is always happy. Today is wife in the shop with him. Even in her late 40s she is a beauty to watch. Always manicured, always smelling of flowers and musk, always smiling. Today she is wearing one of those great floral dresses you see women in the south of France wear. So simple, yet so beguiling and sexy. Her little breasts pushed up into the cleavage. Her dark hair just touching the tops of her soft shoulders. You feel happy for him- his little shop, his beautiful wife. He starts to measure you and the phone rings. His wife answers and tells him he need to go to the tower to one of his clients. He apologies profusely and asks if you wouldn’t mind if his wife helped you today. No problem. He leaves…and you are standing there…she catches you looking at her chest…and you blush. She takes the tape and brings herself over to you teetering on her high heals. How can she work all day in those? She holds up your arms, a measure of the tape, a move to the front, the chest- you take a deep breath and she smiles, the waist, and suddenly she is kneeling before you, the crease of her breasts beneath you. She catches you looking and you find a flush in your cheeks again and look up, feeling her hands measure you leg, watching in the mirror in front of you. You try not to think about it. And then...a slight brush against your cock…you shudder…and hear a slight mmmm escapes her lips…but you keep looking up…not wanting to acknowledge it. Then you feel it, and obvious palm running lightly up your shaft. You are instantly hard, confused, shocked, light headed, your knees week, your brain in a fog. The touch is blatant, yet soft, and then she holds you and lets out a breath and you moan and watch in the mirror as her hips begin to move…just a little…and you see her elbow moving back and forth as you are stroked and caressed…and embarrassed…yet in heaven. She stands and looks you in the eye “come with me” and you say shake your head no and a smirk on her mouth tells you that you will. She walks through a curtain and you follow and glance behind you through the glass as you see 2 men walk by and raise their brow. You stop in the doorway ready to leave when you feel the hand on your groin. Your eyes close and you press to it following her into the small, warm room. She moved to you and her legs presses between yours, rubbing on you, looking you in the eyes. She takes your hands and cups her breasts, they are small and round and soft and move as you grasp them and she sighs and pulls you to the table. She takes down your pants and you want to kiss her but she moves behind you and bends you over the table. You are shocked, and weak, and she pulls down your underpants. You are exposed, and bent, and hard, and she runs the top of her fingers up your naked thigh, and you feel her ring, and moan, and she spreads your cheeks and kneels and licks you…long and hard…your knees buckle and the weight of you rests on the table. She takes your cock in her right hand and pushes and pulls as she licks the rim of your ass… and up..and down…and she takes your balls in her mouth and moans, her hair brushing against your ass, a tickle of your ass, and yank of dick, you are about to explode…and suddenly she is up “roll over” and you do it…it takes all your strength but you are on the table, shirt on, pants down, the wet between your ass checks on the wood, your hard dick waving in the air…and she is on you…and mounts you …fast…hard…with a slight scream and her head is forward…her hands on your stomach…her heels on the table holding her ass up as she sits down on you and rises, and rides you, and slides up and down you, and faster, and your hear the slapping of skin, and the escape of your breath with every bounce…the wiggle of her tits, the openness of her mouth, she pounds and rides and you tense and tighten your ass to meet her…and grab her hips and push her to you and raise your head to watch her sliding up and down you and you groan and swear and moan faster and faster and you explode into her as you scream and push her down harder and harder…and harder…until it stops…and you are weak and tense and sweating, and she is on you and smiling and warm, and wet.

Zoom968 51M
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4/21/2005 3:00 pm

I need the address for your tailor. I have a pair of pants that need alteration. Maybe I can squeeze by on my lunch hour....
Great story!

redswallow777 48M
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4/21/2005 3:01 pm

Oh, yes....very erotic tale....thanks.

martin-1 41M

4/21/2005 3:40 pm

ALL that in one paragraph!?!?

derek1164 49M

4/21/2005 5:42 pm

WOW. There's a story that you just can't put down until it's finished.

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