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annierocks 61F
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7/15/2006 6:00 am

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7/27/2006 4:41 am

Pick-up lines

Many times pick up lines read sometning like "Hey, like a big dick?" I don't find this enchanting, to say the least. Do men think it will be successful or is it hostility?

DiscreteandReal 59M
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7/15/2006 7:13 am

It's Hostile.. The MTV world of aggression. Coupled with the anonymous nature of the web and a site like this. It may also work for the same reasons.
I would prefer someone that responded to a "Hello, you have danceing eyes and a beautiful smile".

WestSideAl2004 70M

7/15/2006 7:18 am

A good response might be: "No, and you certainly are a big dick!"

You would think that the man that say's that isn't mature nor intelligent enough to be successful. But he may just find his match.

In order to attract a woman's attention, a man should say something about her and not about himself.

Something like: "Annie, I love your beautiful long legs, regardless of the fact that our culture does too!"



annierocks 61F

7/15/2006 7:35 am

I like those. And do you see the difference between both of you and men who write such things?

WestSideAl2004 70M

7/15/2006 10:18 am

Knowledge. Sincerity. Maturity. Communication skills.

What he means to say, but can't is: Love me, love me, love me. Or at least pretend to love me.

Al (really, just one)

HammyNoxalDiary 62M
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7/15/2006 9:42 pm

I don't know if that approach works because I haven't tried it. Rather than hostility, however, I'm guessing it has more to do with impatience. Listening to a potential partner, discovering her qualities, and learning what she really wants takes time.

Like fisherman who troll for fish, it seems that some men troll for women. They blindly drag their bait in front of as many women as possible in hopes of getting a few lucky bites.

BTW, I'm not worried about offending such men with my characterization or analogy. The fast movers are too busy asking "a/s/l?" on the Net, visiting bars, etc. to bother reading these blogs.

Whether or not they're successful number-wise, I think the trollers are missing out on a lot. I like conversing with a potential partner, discovering her qualities, and learning what she wants. Then again, I'm not getting bites.

annierocks 61F

7/16/2006 6:51 am

I just got "Does Annie like cock?" I'm not charmed. Is any woman?

historyreader 63M
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7/21/2006 10:16 pm

It works when you are around certain types of women and yes those men who use it really believe it works.And it does because those men know that those women know it's part of the game.

For other women it's a little bit of truth and a little bit of story.Take this one for example.

Hi.I saw you earlier and I just wanted you to know that to me your very attractive.Have you ever been some place maybe an airport or mall and your just people watching, and then out of all those people you see this one person.And in that one person is every thing you find attractive, you can't put your finger on why maybe something in your pass your child hood.That's what I felt when I saw you.And I didn't want you to leave without you knowing you had someone who thought you were beautiful.

annierocks 61F

7/22/2006 6:51 am

Actually, that is kind of nice.

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