some showing off  

EctadAfootWeave 56F
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12/10/2005 12:34 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

some showing off

Back to the bookstore the other night. I did something I've always wanted to try - wearing a long coat with absolutely nothing under it. It was great. I was a tad warm in the bookstore so walked outside some and looked at the lights. Went in and out of several stores. At one store I tried on a dress. A slinky dresss that left not much to the imagination. I was hoping there were changing room cameras and that some young horny security guy saw me step naked from my coat.

Almost went to try on shoes - another fantasy - but couldn't bring myself to do it.

rm_hanger7441 70M

12/12/2005 9:14 pm

When you feel you can do the shoes, I'd want to be the sales person to touch your feet and look up inside that coat with nothing but you under it, temptation to touch and more is so great, the thought of mutual masterbation comes to mind. Wouldn't it be fine if I were massaging your sweet and tender pussy while you reached down and put your hand around my cock, slowing stroking till we both reached a WOW climax

MrHeboy 51M

12/13/2005 9:28 pm

Hey, so THAT's who that was! Cool!

-The Security Guy

rm_happymike42 58M

2/1/2006 12:18 am

omg that is so hot nude unfer your coat I mean and you would make the shoe sales day i,m sure

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