Car buying fantasies  

EctadAfootWeave 56F
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9/18/2005 9:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Car buying fantasies

I received a message with an idea that got me thinking of several possibilities…

Some day I’m going to need to buy a new car. If I did this in winter, wouldn’t it be fun to arrive at the dealership in a full-length coat with absolutely nothing on underneath it. Such a coat could be most useful if it had pockets with holes in the bottoms so as to allow me access to myself without alerting others. I would look at the cars, and ask for the salesman to take me on a test drive of a stick shift ‒ because I don’t know how to drive one. As we drive, I could put my hand in a pocket and play with myself with the salesman sitting right next to me. I would have to be careful because in such close proximity I could NOT hide an orgasm. Between test drives, his hand might get very cold and it’s also possible I’d offer to let him put his hand in my coat pocket just to see what he does when he discovers what he’s found.

If I looked for a new car in summer I would definitely wear a skimpy button down sundress with nothing under it. Of course I’d want to look at the engines of low cars in order to bend down to look at the engine. I’d want to test drive very high trucks and vans ‒ in order to have to climb up into them. I’d have to ask about tires so I’d have to squat down to see what’s being explained. Of course I’d carry with me a large purse to put over my lap when being taken for a test drive in that stick shift so I can put my hand through a gap in the dress to rub myself…..

rm_hanger7441 70M

10/8/2005 7:24 pm

Oh would I like to be the sales person in this situation, have cold hands and manual shift. Would love to have a "bottomless" pocket to warm my hands in. Summer time, i'd do the rubbing if you'd do the same, masterbate me I'll do you.

rm_philerup22 49M

1/5/2006 12:54 pm

Do you you still need a car? Would love to be your salesman. Philerup

rm_cars18 51M
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2/2/2006 11:55 pm

I really do sell for a living. If you are interested in exploring the fantasy, I won't pressure you into a purchase....

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