The first time I let her get fucked...  

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3/30/2005 12:40 am

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The first time I let her get fucked...

by another man was also our first experience with a 3rd person. It was my wifes 34th birthday. Every year on her birthday I surprise my wife with something new or some might say even kinky. She knew she was in for a surprise that day but she had no idea what I had in store for her.

The only reason I even had the idea was after we had watched a porno where there was some double penetration (anal and vaginal) and Anna said she thought that would probably be quite an experience having a cock in her cunt and ass at the same time.

While she was taking a long bath I let our "guest" in the house. When she finished her bath I went in and blindfolded her and led her into our bedroom where our guest was sitting naked on a chair waiting. She says to this day she had no idea that anyone else was there, although I am not so sure I beleive that. In any event I "paraded" her naked and showed our guest all of her holes and crevaces before tieing her up to our bed. I massaged her cunt and oiled her entire body until she was sopping wet, swollen and very horny. It was then that I let our guest use a huge warm cucumber on her. It was also then that his cock got hard. Until then he had not gotten hard and I was concerned he wouldn't... by the time it was over my wife had been massaged, licked and fucked by us both for over 2 hours straight. She realized there was a 3rd person when I let him mount her. Although we had spoken about such things we had NEVER "agreed" to do this kind of thing before and I was not 100% sure she would do it. Once she realized she had 2 naked men enjoying her naked body she opened up and let it go. After we untied her (she never took the blindfold off and never saw our guest) I had her get on top of him and ride him. I then mounted her from behind and inserted my shaved cock in her anus.... she exploded loved it. Since then we have become what some might call swingers.

davem832 42M/42F

5/28/2005 9:41 am

That is an unbelievable story and I am hoping to do exactly the same thing with my wife. Thanks for the inspiration!

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