the green-eyed monster...  

anivorygrl 56F
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6/25/2006 9:25 am

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6/25/2006 4:00 pm

the green-eyed monster...

has entered my life recently and i wish he would go away! i am not a jealous person and although i have green eyes i have no monster within. i have a man that i dated for a year, we have had our ups and downs. he did me wrong and knows he has. recently he has been calling and coming over to visit, no sex involved people. another man that i have been seeing for a few months does not like the fact that the first guy comes over and fixes little things around the house for me. he would rather i call him and tell him so he can drive an hour and a half to fix something that takes five minutes. i have always been an open and honest person, both of these men know this. i have told guy #2 that i am not fucking anyone but that if i chose to do so he will be the first one that i inform. it amazes me how many men have no trust because someone has stepped on them or used them. believe me i have had my fair share of users and abusers but still have that trust instinct. i do not wear my heart on my sleeve and when someone tells me that they are not interested in a 'relationship' i immediately put up my guard so as not to get hurt. some guys have double standards to. guy #2 has a woman that he has dated off and on for 10 years and supposedly they are just friends, at least in his perspective, he goes on picnics with her to watch the sunset. do i get upset over this? no, not once did i say a thing to him about them hanging out together. yet when my puppy chews through the valve hose on my toilet i can not call my friend, that i do not go on picnics with and watch sunsets, to assist me in a small dilemma. what is wrong with this picture? it is the 21st century take off the rose colored glasses and glimse the real world. just because i am friends with a man does not mean i am fucking his brains out nor he mine. we are at ease in each others presence and feel comfortable discussing our everyday lives with one another.
remember....only you can prevent forest fires.

eriedragon4 57M
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6/25/2006 10:59 am

pandora's box
won't open
her world is good and pure and
terrifyingly bland
cold grey mush
forced down her choking throat
shakes her box
hears the electric brilliance
of jalepeño lust
a spectacular consuming wish
for desire
another rattle
elicits the serrated crash
of anger
trembling its tension
against the citrus thrill
of jealousy flambé
pandora tears at the lock
fingers bleeding the only colour
in a vile cardboard landscape
she gnaws at a rusted hinge
ravenous for particles
of escaped spice
powdered evil spilled
she smells its exotic promise
but it remains imprisoned
try as she might
pandora's box won't open.

your loyal dragon'

anivorygrl 56F

6/25/2006 4:00 pm

ohhhh mark~
i would never venture so far as to open that box, tempting as it may be. thanks~

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