control freak, me?  

anivorygrl 56F
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7/10/2006 12:55 pm
control freak, me?

over the past four years my life has been going in a downward spiral, kind of like when you let the water out of the sink. i was laid off from my job with a state funded agency, only to find myself in the unemployment line. i decided to go back to school for nursing, so the next two years i worked my ass off in menial jobs to get by. school didn't work out the way i thought it would and with one semester left i decided not to pursue that career. i ended up being offered a management position by the company that i worked for. well as of last month i am now back in the unemployment line. i didn't do anything wrong just wasn't trained well enough to catch a thief. i know how to always a day late and a dollar short. recently i was told by a gentleman that i had been dating that i was a control freak. he said this because i reached over and cut the car off after he had parked, my car, my gas....duh. i could not believe he said this. i explained to him that i am not a control freak at all but i do like to control my enviroment and would love to have control of my life but can not seem to get a grip on it. i couldn't see why he would say that other than he has no control over his life. he dropped out of society because he lost his job and has not worked for ten years. this man is content to ride through life on his parents blood, sweat and tears. i have never asked anyone for anything in my life, always have been independant. do you wonder why our personalities clash? i can not hang out with a big kid day in and day out, i want someone that has and knows about responsiblities. whew got that off of my chest.

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