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2/26/2006 1:36 pm

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Another day

Well today was a normal day, went to work for a while, came home, had some lunch, got the mystic morpher =P. I collect morphers.. meh, it's one of my hobbies. Though I plan on getting alot more stuff then just the morpher from Drive Force when that comes out.

Let's see what else happened today? Hmmm.... I'm just bummed out right now, lol. I'm really tired as well. Though I don't want to sleep XD, I want to write instead... though I think I may have put too many characters into this Kamen Rider fic I want to do. Right now I have 12 characters. Only 4 are Riders though. Also I would like to point out Kamen Rider is a Japanese super hero, and is usually based on a bug. =P. Kamen Rider isn't like sentai in the whole team fighting department unless, that one Rider needs help finishing off the last of the terrorist organization near the end, then the other Riders may show up to aid him.

Althoug, KR usually is a lone hero, with only his Rider Punch, Kick, and Chop, plus his bike and an other techniques he may learn along the way... are his only defence, and means to destroy his enemies. In the original concept, (and only the old generation Riders, (*Ichigo*1-J) were turned into cyborgs, losing their humanity, and devoting the rest of their existance to fighting the darkness that threatens the world, meaning terrorist organizations and whoever may rise up to kill all humanity.

Well I guess that's enough mummbling about that...

One a side note, I'll be finishing my other blog later, just haven't had the time really to do so, but I have a little bit of time right now. So I decided to post this... lol!

In a little while I'm going back to see my friend Although I dunno if it's gonna go further then it did the last time, or not. I'll just have to wait and see.

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