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2/19/2006 6:51 pm

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3rd Blog

Well I've decided to go back to my Fanfiction roots, and doing an all new PR fic... Yeah...

Well it's called Power Rangers: Global Defense.

Story: Five teens are chosen to enter the Global Defense Agency, because of their skills to fend off the intergalictic alien lifeforms. Known as the "Chaos Syndicate."

The Powers the Rangers recieve are tech-based, but they're energized by ancient Cyrstals from far away in the galaxy. Although that's about as mystical as their gonna get. lol. All weapons, Mecha (Zords) or as I put it just for this fic: Z.O.R.D. (Zone. Obstical. Robotic. Defender.) lol, and vehicles will be technologically made.

I just thought I'd share some of this... if anyone cares that is... probably not though...right?

Well my day was a normal one, not much goin on, just writing, relaxing on this cloudy Sunday...
God I need to get laid... LOL!

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