Tonight the darkness comes  

angelwoarose 41F
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1/27/2006 5:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Tonight the darkness comes


In this world of love and laughter
No happiness can I see;
Now and forever after,
There’s only loneliness for me.

No joy-but only sorrow
In this whole life will be;
The hope of my tomorrow
Holds only loneliness for me.

Pain, regret, broken dreams,
Gladness is gone, so is glee;
Life is darkness; now it seems
There’s only loneliness for me.

Sadness, tears, also heartaches
Are all that’s left, save memory;
O’ the pain of these heart-breaks
Leaves only loneliness for me.

A cloudy sky, a rainy day;
This the future seems to be;
Tomorrow painted twilight’s gray
Brings only loneliness for me.

Copyright 1998
William L. Hyatt


Psychology. A psychiatric disorder characterized by an inability to concentrate, insomnia, loss of appetite, anhedonia, feelings of extreme sadness, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness, and thoughts of death. Also called clinical depression.

When it hits it's hard to shake...I sooo didn't want to be this way again. I've fought it for so long..and now it hits. GOD I SO HATE BEING ALONE ON NIGHTS LIKE THIS!!!!!!

rm_klrpickle 46M
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1/27/2006 7:28 pm

I am with you, this sucks, i am in the basement trying to get some love

rm_mrshyguy6705 49M

1/27/2006 8:23 pm

Hey there Angel...hang in there and keep fighting! I was diagnosed (spelling?) with depression about three years ago and after a years worth of trying different meds and talk therapy, I'm back on my feet.

It's not easy and threatens me every now and then, but I just keep trying. So dont give up! Friends really do help, even if its just someone who will listen with no judgements.

I'll be here to listen if ya need.
Take care

angelgrrl 48F

1/28/2006 12:10 pm

Angel, another Angel here. When things are black it is hard to lift yourself out of it. I'm glad you're here on the blogs talking about it rather than staying alone.

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