Bored and a little lonely  

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1/16/2006 9:08 am

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Bored and a little lonely

Geez. You would think that after all I've been thru in my life something good would finally happen..that things would finally fall into place. I met this incrediable guy this weekend (NO not from AdultFriendFinder and it was for a real relationship not just sex. I thought things were going really well. We had been talknig for weeks and believe it or not sex was only mentioned once (a first for me..most guys thats all they want to talk about with me). When we met he gave me this awesome kiss and we went out for dinner. I was quieter than I normally am. I had a lot on my mind...particularly a close friend that seems to enjoy making me feel guilty about seeing anyone else. But things were going great. Then we went to watch a movie at his house. He just kept looking at me and saying "it feels right, doesn't it" But then yesterday and today he has been kinda distant. To me that's a sign something has changed. I don't know whether I should try and see him again (he lives about 2 hours away)and he says he wants to see me again. Or if I should just say screw it because i don't want to get hurt anymore.

It is so much easier to just fuck someone than to deal with emotions. I never get attached to anyone until they make it clear they want a relationship with me...but then they decide I'm too sweet or too good or some stupid shit like that. And I know it's all just talk. Cause every fucking guy in the world can't possibly look at me that way...they just use the same lines. If you just want to fuck than don't use words like "I love you" and "It feels so right to be with you". yes I want to hear those things, but I want for it to fucking mean something.

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