angelwoarose 41F
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1/26/2006 3:23 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


There for a while I was really enjoying posting my thoughts and feelings on here. Right now I'm not so sure because of the drama that seems to develop....and quite frankly I'm thinking about just saying screw it you win. There is a small community of bloggers on here and we all comment on each others writing...and that normally would not be an issue, except for the attacks I have had to endure.

To the one that keeps insulting me and being very rude on her blogs about me and my friend...I am sorry you feel that move on and leave me alone. I have done nothing to please leave me out of your ranting and bitching.

I am sorry you don't like me..but leave me out of your blogs.


rm_saintlianna 45F
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1/26/2006 4:45 pm

Well I like you and just like real life everyone isnt always going to like you. Please dont stop blogging I think the good here outweighs the bad.

caressmewell 53F

1/26/2006 5:11 pm

I don't know who is doing this..but it's wrong. I'm sorry that you are having to endure this. Try to hang in there.

Allsleeky 36F

1/26/2006 9:07 pm

angelwoarose What I can say is no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you will never please everybody. Ignore the insults, I know it's hard. I am insulted daily even thought of deleting my profile but I will not give in.

angelwoarose 41F

1/27/2006 5:20 pm

saintlianna -- yes you are right..the good here outweight the bad. There is only one I have having trouble with. She isn't bad..just being mean.

caressmewell -- thank you

Goldmember_24kt -- I agree. there should be a way to have that taken care of and AdultFriendFinder is suppost to monitor for hate talk...but i guess that just applies to race sex and color...and not individuals being rude and mean to others.

tayninh2 -- I'm still trying to make up my mind. It's hard when the same people that read my blog read hers...and have no idea it's me that she is aiming it at. SO they back her and laugh..not realizing who they are making fun of.

Allsleeky -- I almost deleted mine once because of this. And I was finally enjoying being on here and things....but now I'm not so sure. My support on here is so tired of the situation he's trying to kiss up to get her to stop harrassing me.

firehot2003 -- That is what I was doing til a mis-click put me on her blog and she started being nasty again.

I will try, I don't like quitting...but i am not use to this type of drama.

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