ding ding we have a winner  

angelwithahalo 59F
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4/3/2005 6:14 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ding ding we have a winner

Sweetheart if you would consider a long term secret relationship with a black man that has his own home, please consider me. I have so much to offer to a lady like yourself. I can be the most discreet person in the world. The only thing I want from you is companionship. Please don't let my age height or race deter you from getting to know me. I like your profile and I am sure that we could really get along good. I believe in new experiences and I hope you do too. I assure you that you would like what I have to offer a relationship. I would love to meet a woman who is willing to let me take control in order to please her. I also would like for you to take control sometimes also. I would like for you to come to my home and I cook dinner for you, a couple of drinks and a full night of exploring our innermost fantasies. I can be very discreet and I prefer that also. I currently have a woman in my life and I am looking for a friend as well as a sexual partner. I am drug and disease free and I expect the same from my partner. I love being oral on a woman; so it would be great if you are capable of having multiple orgasms. I have also been gifted with the technique of having an orgasm and maintaining my erection in order to have another. I really believe that we would get along well. So, let’s give it a try and see what happens. I hope to hear from you soon. I also have no problem visiting you. I would love coming to your town for the weekend from time to time. You will find out that this mature black man has a lot to offer. If you are interested, please respond. Trust me, I have no problem with being very discreet.

Need I say more???? ugh

Tala4u2 54M  
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4/3/2005 9:05 pm

Not being one to be overly concerned about the behaviour of others on AdultFriendFinder at least the guy tried to be well mannered. Okay the end result was completely distastful but lets face it men can find new and interesting ways to get it wrong agin and again and again.

Tala, Wizard of The Kingdom of BooBoBia, DEITY,

angelwithahalo 59F

4/4/2005 4:01 am

Good point Tala the point I was making was IF he had taken the time to read my profile it does say in capital letters no married men.Yes this is a sex site but I know for sure 1 email isnt going to make me want to jump in the sack with you,unless you are George Clooney

wyvernrose 38F
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4/4/2005 11:50 pm


yeah Tala has it right, unfortunately I steer clear of these ones, the downside is they get very clingy and not just a one nighter.....

I made the boo boo of giving one of these a chance years ago they hadn't contacted me on AdultFriendFinder but elsewhere online, and found him turning up when he had returned from a holiday with gifts from his vacation....he had a wife of his own too, to begin with she didn't know although in the time I knew him, he had persuaded her to look into this lifestyle and look at playing with women, he only stopped turning up when he moved overseas, I am still receiving in depth valentines from him.

I'm not a gal you give gifts too, I'm a gal you enjoy the company of when invited, wether during that time it include talking, experiencing sexual fantasies, play or a night on the town, that's it, when the night is done it's done, the guys are welcome to stay in touch to be invited next time and chat online until that occurs, but anything more isn't welcome.

and mushy stuff doesn't sit well with me.


wyvernrose 38F
3895 posts
4/4/2005 11:53 pm

All I did was blow him, and 2 years later he was still turning up on my doorstep!


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