Not much trust me  

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4/19/2005 11:35 am

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Not much trust me

Been a while since I have posted a blog and I'm not sure even what I want to write.Thank heavens people have finally got the hint and now spend time reading the profile,either that or they dont look but judging by the bunches I'm thinking they are reading it.Some like we all know just want a notch in their belt but I guess that is what makes men and women different,men can shut their emotions down and get down to business I guess some women can as well, I like to think their is some chemistry there as well as some physical attraction but that has been rehashed so many times.Different strokes for different folks.I have met some people off here and it just wouldnt happen.I spent the weekend in my usual haunt.I feel comfortable there though I end up with alot of conflicting emotions, I end up feeling wanted, neglected, sexy,gross the list can go on.So I am back to the working world, I guess I was missed alot when I was away. Looking forward to my next little jaunt.Until tomorrow have a good one people.

(Neil M)

4/21/2005 6:44 am

WOW! I've never been called 'one wanker of a jerk' before.. I guess there really is a first for everything! Thanks for the love.. but ya also have to get the entire story too.. there's always 3 views on a 2-person converstaion.. yours, theirs, and the truth.. but hey.. we can all go around fooling ourselves and just go with the perspective that wins us favor with the one we want.. I guess that's why I dated a woman for over 4 years that started off the relationship telling me she was 25, single, and without kids.. only to find out she was 43, married for like 18 years, and had 2 teen kids... oh.. and let's not forget about the 'i'm in the wittness protection program' to avoid being found out too soon.... oh well.. to each their own...

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