Here we go again....  

angelwithahalo 59F
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3/6/2005 5:22 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Here we go again....

When people talk about being barren I am beginning to identify with them. I am handing in a application to the nearest convent.Thursady will not happen quickly enough for me cause i better have 4 days of hedonism that or do some serious damage ( joking).I didnt know it would be so difficult to get laid..ugh.Perhaps i should just stop writing about it and move on to something exciting for people to read

AminoEthylOboes 61M
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3/6/2005 3:15 pm

I've been trying to volunteer to help you get over your chaste period for several days now. If you'll just write, I'm sure we can work things out. I have no plans this evening.

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