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5/2/2006 4:21 am

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on the way...

it's the final countdown people! looking like an even 10 days to pull my act together and become a real live woman in her first year of 30!
i am hyped and i am skeered. more hyped to get out of the damn twenties finally. scared because i am not even near what i had challenged myself to be this time last year.

it does rest on the facts that i swayed slightly from an ongoing general belief of mine. here goes: take each day and live it to its fullest. yes, i am one of THOSE peeps. the kind that just don't plan much for the future. don't get me wrong, i have a career path. i have a mate path. i even have a dog path. used to think it was because i was fearing failure. nope, i want to accept the kind of changes i need in my life. at the first of this year, i knew it was the beginning of everything i had never been before and everything i was, had been left behind.
sound intimidating? maybe terrifying (a better word)? no! it's another chance to be what is intended. i learn daily about that.
such as learning today i am still pretty whiney, when it comes to having a belly illness and conquering that by itself.
mom kinda sissied me as a child. it has been a reoccurring gesture even in adulthood. unfortunately, something i didn't beat is my ongoing immune deficient system. i will hand most of that to food allergies. vitamin c helps white blood cells and i just so happened to be extremely allergic to taking one vitamin C tablet and most citrus fruits (unless low acid).
we're also not talking about a mouth irritation here. an example of my past dealing with being sick: as a child i was diagnosed 6 times with chicken pox. only one time i actually had it. the other misdiagnosis' were all allergic reactions.
leaving that, i emphasize it's unfortunate i haven't grown out of that physical complication.
i rest on 10 more years of avoiding anything that causes my body grief. i don't hesitated to add, that includes my refined sanity (ie. mind).

L00king4Fun67 49M
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5/2/2006 10:54 pm

30 isn't all that bad. In less than 2 years, I will be 40 and that skeers me. =0(

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