angelofmercy5 59F
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1/30/2006 7:27 am

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Just feeling like we all need a chuckle today!

Two very promising young attornys were both interviewing for a prestigious law firm. One had graduated with honors from Harvard Law School, and the other from a college in North Carolina. They had both come through the interview with flying colors, and the head of the law firm was having a tough time choosing between them. So, he said there would be one final test. "A lawyer has to think fast on his feet. So, I'm going to throw out a word, and I want you to make a short poem using that word. The word is 'Timbuktu'."

So the young man from Harvard said he would go first.
Across a barren dessert land,
Came a stately caravan.
Camels riding two by two
On their way to Timbuktu.

The law partners were all very impressed. And turned to the young man from North Carolina.
Tim and I a huntin' went.
Saw three hookers in a tent.
Didn't know quite what to do.
So I bucked one and Tim bucked two.

Now, who do you think got the job?

VATraveler1948 68M

1/30/2006 10:17 am

They should have hired the camels.

rm_ohsolustful 58M
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1/30/2006 10:18 am

I think the law firm sent em both packing and went in search of Tim. If he is Man enough to buck two Woman at the same time he is better qualified to be a lawyer who will be bucking all kinds of different people all the time

rm_goddess1946 106F
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1/30/2006 10:23 am

Angel! Your birthday month is wrapping up soon and we
still haven't done lunch!

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

angelofmercy5 59F
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1/30/2006 1:26 pm

Fly...you still speeding around town? lol

angelofmercy5 59F
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1/30/2006 1:27 pm

Vatraveler.....you sound like someone who might know a lot of lawyers, and sometimes prefers the camels. lol

angelofmercy5 59F
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1/30/2006 1:28 pm

Ohsolustful....you really set me to laughing. Actually....you are probably right, and they should have gone hunting for Tim. Thanks for making me chuckle.

angelofmercy5 59F
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1/30/2006 1:29 pm

Goddess...you're right. Check you email, and lets go!

angelofmercy5 59F
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2/4/2006 1:01 pm

Polly....thats funny! And I think he tries to avoid the "humps". lol You crack me up. Welcome back!

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