9000th Comment Goes To.........  

angelofmercy5 58F
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7/2/2006 7:10 am

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7/3/2006 5:46 pm

9000th Comment Goes To.........

2 more Days Till I Can Have Sex!

The 9000th person to comment on my blog is.....

clitalicious67 clitalicious67

Thank you to all of you who stop by here. You make me smile, laugh and love you more everyday. I think sometimes the comments are better than the blog posts.....and thats because of who you are.

PS......stay tuned for a blogland orgasm

4u281 64M

7/2/2006 8:00 am

ummm tell me about orgasm opportunity

angelofmercy5 replies on 7/2/2006 8:31 am:
Lewis.....stay tuned!

oldude1946 70M

7/2/2006 8:36 am

I had an orgasm once\8

seek_u_topia 50M

7/2/2006 8:46 am

wow! that's quite a bit of blogging! 2 days and counting!

HighPocKets1938 77M

7/2/2006 8:58 am

I know you will "Enjoy the Fourth" my dear
That wonderous time for you, is truly quickly getting near
Here's to the firworks that will soon be soaring on high
Lasting all day and at night lighting up the sky

Bask in your glory, and wear that "smile" proudly, my sweet
When my Mercy returns on the 8th, you fireworks will be beat
Our fireworks will also light up the sky just like yours will do
On the Fourth and I promise to send on its way to you

A seperate special Angelofmercy rocket or two in your name
Be looking to the West out on the coast and listen just the same
As your fireworks will have been eclipsed by ours on our day
And night and then some more too, Sorry dear, at least, that I can do.

I do hope you have given warning to the proper seismic agencies dear
Of the "upCUMMING" tremors that are now drawing so near
We sure dont want those folks in their labs with the eyes all aglue
to their screens, rolls of paper and such to be shook up all over anew

VATraveler1948 68M

7/2/2006 9:15 am

I remember one occasion when my wife and I cammed one of our "personal encounters". Is there any chance that you and the lucky man would consider doing that for your "Grand Re-Opening" ... with live audio?

twirly_girl 47F

7/2/2006 9:30 am

LMAO @ VATraveler.
1 1/2 days!
I'm wondering if I'll feel the earth shake all the way over here in Texas.

OH! You and Hubby might want to wear life jackets in case you flood the house. (I'm afraid flood insurance won't cover damage caused by sex)



7/2/2006 9:35 am

Congrats to clitalicious and all your friends for making it happen and so glad your wedding went well. Now about an opportunity to CUM

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

pragmaticCTcpl 61M/50F

7/2/2006 10:50 am

"PS......stay tuned for a blogland orgasm

I'm jumping in the shower now!!

2943 posts
7/2/2006 11:06 am

Crap I missed the comment by one!!!!!!!!(story of my life)
Well I am pleased to be 8999!...lol



Looking0100 54M

7/2/2006 12:54 pm

You are all better because of us; we love and support you.
You also love and support each of us, including me.

I thank YOU for that.

I just can't wait to hear the GREAT news you will have Tuesday. I want to hear all that you care to share with us.

I am looking forward to you receiving 10,000 comments!
You get so many replies because so many people love you.
And maybe that alone is enough to heal you (or part of you).

Also, you left so many of your responses to your post "Ladies....Gentleman....and Pervs!" without responses. I have one there. Just wanted you to know.

Sulabula 45F
12658 posts
7/2/2006 2:07 pm

it's not long now

Sula xxx

come visit my blog

VirginiaDuckie2 60M

7/2/2006 2:24 pm

Details, I want details about the big orgasm on the 4th of July. I will be watching the sky over Virginia Beach. Better yet... would you like some help celebrating?

TripleHARD3 56M

7/2/2006 2:27 pm

i can HARDly wait....furthermore i can HARDly imagine butt the anticipation must be incredible...easier 2 imagine clitalicious 67 plus 2 was and will be there for u2... moreover i can HARDly imagine but starbursts on top of fireworks must be like the dancing of northern lights....hnmmm do you perchance reside in Montana which wood make it a triple


PassionKisses4Me 44F

7/2/2006 5:00 pm

Warm hugs and soft kisses to you sweetie...I am all excited for you.....and congrats on 9000th comment...you go girl

Enjoy your 4th and all those personal fireworks



sexyariesgirl 57F

7/2/2006 5:09 pm

Angel, you are an inspiration and a joy to us all. I absolutely love your posts! Thanks for the encouragement and humor you give to us. HUGGS.....

Power To FOK

clitalicious67 49F

7/3/2006 11:20 am

WOOOOOHOOOO!!!! I am the 9000th!!!! Doin' the Happy Dance...congrats on 9000 comments...and only a lil more time til Otopia!!!! Hugs C~

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