need sum spice in my life ......................  

angeleyezQQ2002 44F
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11/12/2005 7:28 pm

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4/13/2007 2:19 pm

need sum spice in my life ......................

In search of a women who walks with pride and whom struts with dignity who has the grace of a princess and the wisdom of a queen
Im looking for a man with the power to hurt me but the heart not to beyond that im felxiable not much into what you are about but be about something dont just talk about it believe it love it live it have thick skin a strong inner compass and a heathy sence of humor about yourself and with others not just with me and be willing to learn and grow through life
i could say i want a man who would desire me who if he could cum back as anything it would be my tears how could he want anything more than to be conceived in my heart born in my eyez live on my cheeks and die on my lips....... but i also want a man who plays hard to get one who is so hot and sexy and into exploring each others bodies making each go to new heights of passion ...... right now I'm not in need for a commitment and I'm not looking for a lot of men just one

SexyVTcouple2 47M/46F
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12/6/2005 12:00 pm

Hi AngelEyez,

I thought I would post a message as we are somewhat close in proximity as I am located in the Cambridge area.... If you wouild like to chat a bit, please send me a message through my profile here at AdultFriendFinder.


PS: Love your photos!

uvm_looking4u 35M

12/14/2005 2:32 pm

New to the site and find you interesting. Would love to get to know more

downwithtounge 40M

12/28/2005 10:20 pm

What you wrote really makes me think.Imagining myself as a single tear rolling down your beautiful face suddenly seems a wounderful thought.I am a sucker for pretty eyes and gentle lips.You must truly be an extreamily passionate woman.I glad there are still ladies like you !learning more about you would only make my smile bigger !!

rm_perkyman1 73M
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1/4/2006 6:31 am

As an older gentleman who immensely enjoys pleasuring and satisfying a sexy younger woman, I find your profile to be very intriguing and sensually provocative. I would like to explore further with you so hope you respond to recent message I sent to you.

PapalFragsCants 66M

6/11/2007 9:28 pm

You truly honor woman "AngelEyez".....

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