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september 1,2006

June 26, 2006
Are You Willing to Answer all the Questions and post them?

My answers didn't fit into one comment, so if you have to use 2, that's okay.

Current Location:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Do you like your job?:
Marital status:
Are you happy in your current relationship:
When looking for a partner which characteristic is the most important:
Do you believe in God:
Favorite TV show:

Favorite season:
If you won a million dollars what’s the first thing you'd do:
What make of car do you drive:
What political party do you affiliate yourself with:
Do you support/oppose abortion rights:
Do you support/oppose affirmative action:
Do you support/oppose the death penalty:
Do you support/oppose private gun ownership:
Do you own a gun:
Should the government restrict the use of a cell phone by drivers:
Do you believe the media is liberal, conservative or fair and balanced:
What news outlet do you get most of your news from:
Is America ready for a woman president:
How do you place yourself on the political spectrum (Liberal, Conservative, ect.):
What is your favorite physical attribute of the opposite sex:
How often do you have sex:
Do you masturbate:
Have you ever had cyber sex:
Have you ever had phone sex:
Have you ever had sex with a complete stranger:
Does penis size matter (women)? Does breast size matter (men):
What type of underwear do you prefer your lover to wear:
What uniform turns you on the most:
Sexual Turn On:
Sexual Turn Off:
How old were you when you lost your virginity:
Ever suck someone’s toes:
Which celebrity would you most like to have sex with:
Have you ever been nude at a party:
Have you ever faked an orgasm:
Have you ever lied to someone to get him/her to sex with you:
Ever been nude outside:
Have you ever participated in a threesome? If no would you consider it?:
Sexual Preference(s):
Coke or Pepsi:
Favorite Beer:
Favorite Liquor:
Are you content with your life right now:
Your Best Physical Feature:
Your Worst Physical Feature:
Your Best Sexual Feature:
Your Worst Sexual Feature:
Do you Smoke?: If yes what brand?:
Should smoking be banned in public buildings:
What illegal drugs have you used:
Should pot be legal:
Do you Sing:
Shower or Bath:
Do you believe in yourself:
Do you think you are attractive:
Have you gone Skinny Dipping:
Have you ever been Drunk:
Have you ever been called a Tease:
Have you ever call someone a Tease:
Have you ever have sex with someone of a different race:
Do you approve of interracial dating/marriage:
Have you ever French kissed someone of the same sex:
Have you ever had sex with someone of the same gender:
Would you have sex with the same sex for $100,000:
Have you ever have sex/make out with a friend's bf/gf? If yes did they know or find out?:
Do you agree “once a cheater always a cheater”?:
Do you think it is bad to date a co-worker:
Have you ever dated a co worker:
Do you have a psychotic ex:
Number of piercings and where:
Number and location of tattoos:
What is your biggest regret:
What should someone know about you?:

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