morning face fuck  

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8/26/2006 1:14 am

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morning face fuck
So where back home from a short stay in Miami. We had LOADS of cum I mean fun while down there. I'm not a Florida lover at all but we still had a lot of fun there. I did a little shopping, relaxed at a spa, and was used like a slut for most of the rest of the time I was there. I had a collar on most of the time I was there a leash was attached most of that time. A very good time was had. I'm always getting fucked but I love when we get away take a trip and I'm a 24/7 sex toy for my fuck buddies. I get my fill of cock and cum.

Today was a lazy Sunday, I got my mouth fucked first thing this morning, my two owners/doms had me lay with my head hanging off the edge of the bed and I got my mouth fucked by them both in turnuntil they came. After a long hot bath I relaxed the rest of the day, looking at movies while in bed.

hasan11153 37M
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8/26/2006 1:39 am

morning andnight fuck you

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