What do I get? Part II  

angeldickfuck 41M
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9/6/2006 2:18 am
What do I get? Part II

What do I get? Part II
Reading your comments to my previous blog has given me new insights to what has been troubling me lately. I think if the "limelight" had focused on me at an earlier age, I'd be a pedantic, stuck up b***ch. I have made a decision to what is going to happen once that counter reaches 250K. Popularity was not in my goals for my 360 profile. I remember when my friend Brit invited me back in September 2005. I let the invite sit for a month before I decided to fill out the profile info. I was looking for something more fulfilling than casting votes at URNA, there had to be more substance in the TG community. I must admit I wrote a lot of blogs to help me keep my mind away from the thought that Pedro and Nicky weren't here. I also decided that it was a perfect way to practice writing. I had stopped writing when I quit college( I will write about that one day). I will let anyone who meets me read my early short stories, provided you understand college-level Spanish. All you have to do is ask...

Soooo....I knew that my pictures were a reason for the high hit rate. I knew that, thanks to my parents I came out with good genes. I have known that since I was a child. Mom was a gorgeous girl back in the 60's, my sister is still a hottie at 38, just visiting them every week reminds me. I don't like to boast about this, I think it is very petty but after reading a great article Jocelyn posted, there is no doubt that pictures played a significant factor. So when Y250K comes are the pictures going to be off the profile?

A year ago, a thought like that would have never crossed my mind. My militant buddy Glenda thinks that it will get rid of pesky trolls and people who dont come here to read the blogs. So my friends are the ones who will stick to my page, if I take my pictures off Glenda? Probably. And Pedro, my jealous but loving son would definitely agree. But there is a factor that we forget. Yahoo 360 is not TG only. We are but a small fraction of the profiles that keep revolving in Yahoo's immense cyber-universe. Maybe I would think of taking the pictures & profile off if this was a TG-only site. Here we are at a major Mainstream Intersection hoping ... And you know? Our society is very visual. Just read the study Jocelyn linked. This IS our chance to show who we are. We are not freaks that hide in hotel rooms and dress up in black pvc. We are human, like the mom in any number of 360 profiles. People from the mainstream may stop to visit, will they read my blog if I am a pair of fishnet wearing pair of legs on the photo profile? Or will they rather read the blog of a girl sitting down smiling at them? I believe we have to apply business and marketing ideas if we want more tolerance from society. They like pretty, we will show them pretty. ( oh well, trolls you have been spared) We still need to open many doors that can only be opened if they see us. Many of us still don't go out. You can still help the cause by taking more pics girls, so keep clicking away. Even though Photoshoots will be less frequent, the pictures will still be there in the hope that I've provided the mainstream with one more positive point to accept us.

Other things will change after Y250K. I plan to be out more this coming year. Glenda have the war paint ready cuz we will be going out everywhere! The pictures will probably reflect more on this attitude, more "out" pictures as part of our propaganda for world domination...

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