What do I get?  

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9/6/2006 2:19 am
What do I get?

What do I get?
I thought I had everything laid out for this blog. I have been thinking about it all weekend long and even though I thought I was prepared, I find myself precariously in need of more time.My mind never works the way I want it to- who knows exactly what direction it will take. I knew it was going to take me a little more time when I burnt dinner while thinking about it. Thank goodness there is plan B: Mac & Cheese.

Do you have a favorite blog? One you read time and time again? There is one such blog, one that reminds me of my adolescence when I watched Pink Floyd's, "The Wall" over and over and over again. You were trying to find out what the message for you was, and it kept slipping away. KC's blog goes to the point . Fame. And Vanity. Even the most disinterested TG person aches for a wisp of notoriety, recognition among peers. That's why this blog is brilliant, because it applies to everyone of us, its the lowest common denominator when you finally decide to post your 360 profile and start adding friends. Some can't even wait to ask for acceptance, they even forget to put a picture of themselves in their profile. Is it just vanity that drives you to such extremes? Is validation going to satisfy an ever growing ego?

I didnt start my 360 with an idea that it would help me with my program for total world domination. ( I do not even have one )

For all I know, this little window to my life carried my hope that it would help me reach anyone who had similar ways to deal with TG issues I had. Maybe I was a little naive to the way I would get an answer. Being overwhemed was never in the plans.

So before I go beating around the bush again, I will go to the point. It all started when I looked at the counter in my 360 page over and over again last week. It was over 225,000 hits. Now, I do not know if there are a bunch of excited trolls around the world clicking my site every 15 seconds or I have some sorta morbid cult following. I do not know if 250 friends cannot get enough of me that they have to clik my site once a day. Maybe there is something in my page that is worthwhile, I don't know. I try to visit every friend I have in my list at least once a month, and it is impossible. I do not feel that that is fair for anyone who has at least spent a couple of hours writing a blog.

I have learned to have a list of regular reads, people who I have enjoyed their blogs so much that I have kept going back for more. A lot of us do that, I noticed. It saves time every day and you know you will get more bang for your buck.

My "fame timer" has been active for quite a while now, and it has been very busy. I have been trying to ignore it for the last couple of months but it has snowballed out of proportions. Bilbo Baggins passed the Ring on to Frodo because his was not the glory, his destiny was to write about it. LOR is my favorite movie of all times, but I like the main idea itself, where the humble hobbit outshines the best the world can offer, such as elves and humans. I do not want this ring that beckons and fascinates me with its power. But oh... can it be so addicting. I have to quote KC, whose words of wisdom kick in like this

" You ask, is this a good thing? Well, yes. And no. Depends on how you respond to your new kitchen table guest. We all started small here on the web - dipped our toes in the water to see if something would bite at us. We made friends, maybe shared something of ourselves, touched real people in a cyberworld. That's why we now have a community. If you stop doing those things because you're "famous", you lose the bond with the real people... and the community suffers. Blogs are good, but a communication shared one-on-one between sisters is precious."

I made my counter visible for all my friend to see. No... it is not a case of vanity. When the counter hits 250000 something is happening. Like at Bilbo's Birthday party, there will definitely be a celebration. Yea I know..the girl has to flaunt a little here. But there is also an ulterior motive something I've been wanting to do. If you have been keeping in touch, there is no reason to worry I will be losing contact with ya. I would like to do more explaining but I have to watch Family Guy with my boys or I will get reprimanded. Just had to take a nap after dinner... me and procrastination. Anyways, I will be writing more on the subject as Fame and Vanity could well take me over a couple of blogs to totally dismantle. Thanks to Keri for giving me the idea. Hope to get in touch with ya before the end of the week...

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