Some Great Vacation SEX  

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9/5/2006 8:42 pm
Some Great Vacation SEX

Some Great Vacation SEX
Some Great Vacation SEX magnify

Well, as you all wanted more skin....check out our photo section for that, and you wanted to here about some of our "fun" sexual exploits...... so here is a lil something from our recent vacation......

We went to the Islands, so of course we had to husband being the consumate perv wanted sex in the bathroom at 30,000 feet. I, think airplane bathrooms are totally nasty and said no. But we were sitting near the back of the plane and we had the center row of seats to ourselves. So I lifted the arms of the seats, laid out and rested my head in Hubby's lap ! Then he laid a blanket over my head and I slide his zipper down and pulled his cock out and began to "Quietly" suck him off. After a while I felt that twitch in his balls and sure enough I got a nice mouth full of cum ! Being the good girl I am, I slurped it all down....well all but a little that had dribbled out onto my chin. The flight attendant had come by as I was sitting up and she looked at me and asked if I wanted a snack ? I answered "no thanks, I've had mine already" She smiled and walked away. Image

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