Oral Sex Positions  

angeldickfuck 42M
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9/8/2006 1:37 am
Oral Sex Positions

Oral Sex Positions

"What is your favorite Sexual Position?" After asking almost a
hundred single people on the streets of New York City this simple
question, we received a resounding answer. Oral Sex! We all love it.
Men or women, doesn't matter, we like to sit back and have our
naughty bits serviced. For women the reasons seem to be because a
good percentage of the ladies can't reach climax without the direct
clitoral stimulation that comes from oral sex by their man. For the
men the enjoyment seems more psychological. Men like the fact that
they are in control and have power, they also are just lazy and
sometimes the fact that there is no pressure to please their partner
can let them relax and simple enjoy the ride.

Inspite of this when we asked people "what's you favorite position
for giving oral?" we got a lot of blank looks. It was then that we
realized most people think that there is just one way to give their
partner a little "lip lovin'?" The truth is that there are lots of
ways to give your partner that special kiss. From multiple types of
69ing to positioning different ways to insert the penis in the mouth,
or more efficient ways to access the clitoris, there are a million
ways to get that special someone to "suck you off."

The most important part of trying different oral positions is that it
can make an "oral" lover out of your "normal" lover. Some women
dislike the way a penis feels in their mouth and the same is true for
the guys out there. By trying different ways to put your mouth on
that special someone, you may not only find different ways to give
and receive pleasure, but also to overcome a general dislike of the
act itself.

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