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8/27/2006 3:13 am

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Me & Priya & Priya
Hi Every one!!!

Sorry for stayin silent for so long.. without intimation. I've been to delhi, to my cousin's wedding. I liked that place SOOO MUCH that I stayed there for a week longer. Ask me WHAT I LIKED IN DELHI. Here it is.

Priya, is my Friend Anu's neighbour. Any has 2 sweet doggies... one TASHA.. the german sheperd Bitch, & Bruno.. the lab male. After the wedding.. the 23rd Nov, I stayed over at Anu's place & on the 24th, Know what woke me up? The squeking of the 2 dogs. They were.. FUCKIN. Through the window I saw them fuckin, & noticed that Priya was watchin them too. She got so horny, & I noticed her fingers movin DOWNSTAIRS. She saw me watchin her, Gave one broad smile, & left.

This is what made me stay a week longer. That afternoon, Priya came home. We spoke a lot, & while we did, I noticed her Gorgeous Figure. 38D-28-36. WOOWWW & to my surprise, she was doin the same. Runnn her eyes allover my body. I straightened my back & pushed my breast out. Her eyes widened. I enjoyed it. Though she was better in figure, I was better INVITING I started it strait. 'What?' I asked. She pointed out my tits..& said.. 'they r STIFF'. "They grow Longer when I'm horny" I took my t-shirt off to show her my tits. I could see her breast gettin heavy. "It's Bigg. wonderful Priya... I wish.." 'Wish what?'she asked. "wish I could feel them" & I leaned forward. She seemed to like it. Straightened her back, stood , walked to me & stood on her knees opposite to me. 'Liked them?'She asked. "Too hott. May I??" She pulled her t-shirt up, exposin her black nylon bra which covered onlyy her nipples & a little flesh below. I leaned forward & kissed her on the clevage.

She liked my wett kiss. I held her by her hips & squeezed it.that's one point which makes me horny. She had a perfect figure with no extra flesh anywhere. I kissed her shoulder, behind her ear, run my hands into her jeans.. squeezin her butts... aahhhh....... she hugged me sooo hard..I was more lost than ever.

She ripped my shirt, pulled my pyjamas down started suckin my nipples & squeezed my butts. My 2 inch long nipples almost killed her. She was mad at them....suckin, bitin, pinchin...I've never seen any other chick go SO WILD at them. I pulled her jeans down, ripped her knitted panties & started kissin her inner theighs. She fell back on the couch..Spread her legs..exposing her CLEAN SHAVED PINK PUSSY. I attacked it at once. Licked it, sucked it, bit her clit, rubbed her pussy lips, & then...put 2 fingers with thrust. SURPRISE!! SHE'S STILL A VIRGIN!! She screamed her heart out...tears rolled out of her eyes...AAAHHHHHH. "I like it."I said."It's almost 5 years since I've met a Virgin Pussy. it's then I lost my Virginity to my man...& it's then I took the virginity of his first GIRL FRIEND...NIKITA

I stopped there...pulled my fingers out, & started kissin her on her cheeks, tryin to reduce her pain. 'GO AHEAD. I'M LOVIN IT' She said. This girl is mad at it. This is her first time in 22 years. She never ever fingered too. I moved down, kissin every inch, neck.. shoulders... boobs...stopped at her nipples & sucked them..squeezin her hips & butts... AAAHHHHHHHHUUUMMMMM she moaned. Bit her nipples, sucked them, licked them, while I continued to explore the outer pussy with my fingers. Rubbin her clit...I bit her tits so hard...she screamed with pain. I started torturin her more. Brought paper clips.. clipped one on each nipple. They almost penetrated her flesh..she started cryin & wanted to pull them off. I din't let her. I moved down..givin her wet pussy the touch of my rough tongue. Het salty juices flowin in a river. Pushed my tongue in & licked the inside... & left her there.

She was in pain...lust...Enjoyin every bit of it. I moved aside & watched her LOST. 'GO AHEADDDD.....FUCK MEEE' her husky voice showed how desperate she is for IT. I din't move a bit. 'FUCK ME BITCH' she shouted. No response... It was fun watchin her WILD & abusing me. She jumped over me..Squeezed my boobs soohaarrdd... went wild at them juices started flowin. She kissed me all over..carassed my clit.. fingered my pussy...dhough she din't know the right spots, she did it well. I got wild too. Kissed her on her lips.. Threw her on the couch & took a '69'. I fingered hr at the right places...she screamed...'STOP. I'M GONNA PEE'. She's never had an orgasm before. "Hold it" I said...& continued to finger lick her.. while she tried to continue with me, but she could'nt. 'I CAN"T HOLDDD' she screamed....& came out with a HUUUUUUUGEEEEEE SQUIRT....MMMMMMMMMUUUUUHHHH....her body shivering...her pink pussy swollen & redd... she laid back almost dead...legs still spread..showin her redd ppussy shining in her orgasm.. WOOOOOWWWW.

I rose, stood aside & watched the beautiful bitch relaxed. She liked it?? No. She Loved it. So relaxed.. she looked more pretty than ever. Got back to her....I laid on her...hugged her....& woke up after 3 hours with the door bell ringing.

We did this every day. & yesterday, she left for surat & me back to hyderabad. in one week, we never fought on any thng. She's in love with me... & Me in love with her. I miss her. She called up yesterday night. I tol d her that I'll share this with my sweet chicks on net. She had no problem as long as I don't reveal her photograph. This is the FIRST GIRl I fell in LOVE with. I want to getback to her... spend all life with her. I take this opportunity to say.... PRIYA... I LOVE U.. U R THE MOST BEAUTIFUL & MOST WONDERFUL GIRL I"VE EVER MET.

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