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9/1/2006 1:29 am

HATE magnify

What are you starin at? Me? Oh c’mon. Don’t act as if ur concern or sumthin’… I’ve seen that look on ur face bout a thousand times already and honestly… it’s tiring. Y’all look at me as if u wanna help, run to my rescue… but to hell with all of that bullsh*t coz I know from the very start that u don’t even give a damn… A lot of you even wanna see me fall flat on my face, wanna see me crawl in the f*ckin mud, want me to be stabbed, chopped to death…ya y’all like that… Don’t hide ur face now… coz I can see through that beautiful mask of urs… there lurks the beast that wants me dead. But then again you want me to suffer, be tortured, be tormented. I understand that I feel what you wanted me to feel I must say… at first, you kinda get me, I was hurt pretty badly but damn you devil…you evil you… I won’t go with you. You might have drag my ass long enough, you made me believe that I was f*ckin bad, u’ve made me hate myself more and more and u did succeed. But that was in the past, it’s all behind me now… I’m ready for this battle.. Come on, u’ve lured me, tempted, cursed me that I did curse my self I thought I was damned forever. U told me that He never loved me…but screw u… coz ur dead wrong bout Him… He is the only one who accepted me after you turned me into an evil monster like you… He was, is and will be there for me… He promised that He will take care of me and that He will love me when no one else will. And unlike u, He never lied…He live up to His promise… He never abandoned me. He was always there… but ur such a devil; that u took my trust and my faith in him. And it don’t matter if u hurt me, kill me and all coz my soul… u can’t never take away from me… I HATE U SO MUCH… and that I will do ANYTHING on my power to turn my back against u… I WON”T GO DOWN ONCE AGAIN, COZ LORD GOD WILL ALWAYS BE THERT TO LIFT MY SPIRIT UP…Now I’m ready for this fight against u…Bring it on.

By: Brooklyn khei (“,)

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