Entry for September 03, 2006  

angeldickfuck 41M
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9/3/2006 9:45 pm
Entry for September 03, 2006

Entry for September 03, 2006

I'm just stopping by to say hello. I've been somewhat busy with work and play time. Been still up to kinky fun with my friends, being the sub I love to be. I will never tire (I hope) of being a total fuck toy.

Last night hung out with the guys and had a gang fuck, I didn't get fucked by them all at once, they fucked me one at a time, some of the guys used me in front of everyone, some took me into the other room. Even though I love to get gang fucked where I'm getting cock after cock at the same time, totally gang banged, I do like it when I get repeatedly fucked by the guys individually becasue I see how different the guys are in thier fucking styles. From a slow hard fuck to some of the guys into kinky shit like something simple like licking up thier cum from the floor after they'd fucked my mouth to them being into totally sexually degrading me in imaginative ways.

I'm going to eat dinner now.

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