angeldickfuck 41M
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9/1/2006 1:32 am

Emotions magnify

Sometimes, there are just instances in my life that I wish not to end. Like in a photograph… it captures the moment. I dunno, right now, I ain’t in love with someone…but I feel so happy, so contented of who I am and what I have. It’s just one of those times when I want the time to stop, the clock to seize ticking. Honestly, I love what I’m seeing every time I look in the mirror…and what the heck, I can now see myself, and for a certain moment in my life--- I feel BEAUTIFUL. Then it hit me. Beyond my smile lurks a picture of gloom. Something’s missing…Something? Or is it someone? Then a feeling of emptiness embraced me, add to it the song “YOU” which kept playin on my head.

“…the only thing that’s missin in my life, is You.

the only man I needed in my life is YOU…”

Stupid of me to ask the whereabouts of this certain “You”, and whoever that “You” might be… I have no idea, coz right now, all I know is that there’s only “Me, Myself and I”

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