Daddy's Task - Weekend  

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Daddy's Task - Weekend

Daddy's Task - Weekend
dad_master: how is my little slut?
reqmap: i m fine sir.
He: shut up bitch. No sir. call me Daddy. oka?
me:yes daddy
he:good girl. ready for something?
me:yes daddy.
he:good. now wear only a tshirt and a bra. change and report me.
mek daddy.
me:done daddy.
he: good girl. Now go out through elevator.
me:no daddy.
he:YES. do as I said
mek daddy.

As I stepped out my body was instantly hit with the cold night air. After a few seconds of standing there in the dark half naked I became aware of how extremely alert all of my senses had become. I could hear every sound as I strained my eyes to look out into the darkness of the night.

he:"Good girl. Now take that t-shirt off for Daddy."
me:but daddy its cold...
His voice raised. "What did you say? Are you going to be a bad girl tonight?"

"No Daddy," I said as I removed what little clothing separated my body from the cold night air.

"That's my good girl. Now sit down somewhere."

"Do you think someone is there watching you baby girl?"

I froze.

"Spread those legs for Daddy and show them how wet your pussy is. Do it. Let them see what a little slut you are. Good girl. Now rub that pusssy. Daddy wants to see his little whore put on a good show."

I was so scared, but my body was so completely turned on that I couldn't help but do as I was instructed.Suddenly I felt hands rubbing up my leg. I couldn't move. I felt as if I couldn't breathe. Before I knew what to do, I felt another pair of hands start massaging my other calf. I jumped and tried to move back in my chair but I felt a set of hands firmly grab one of my arms and wrists and yet another so forcefully it made me gasp on my other arm.Oh God, I was so scared but my body seemed to be responding all on it's own. When I felt a mouth clamp down on my right nipple and then another on my left nipple, I arched my back so hard that the chair nearly tipped backward. There were hands all over my body grabbing at me so rough that I couldn't move. My tight little wet pussy was being explored and invaded by so many fingers it was making my head spin, while my clit was being pinched and released over and over again. At exactly the same moment I felt a hot wet mouth close over both my pussy and my mouth and then in perfect timing a strong tongue began my mouth as another equally strong tongue started fucking my pussy. I was terrified and incredibly excited all at the same time. A man whispered in my ear, "That's right you little slut. We're taking you. You were out here teasing us with your hairry, wet little cunt, just begging for it. You want this don't you, you fucking whore!"

"No. Please No," I cried. My cries only seemed to excite them more and make them treat my body even more savagely. Then, I felt a hand grab my neck sending shivers up my spine. The strong hand moved to the back of my my neck, up the base of my head, up into my hair, and then tighten grabing a huge fistfull of my long hair, pulling so hard that my head jerked back hard. His voice was close to my ear, quiet but so firm, "Get on the ground slut." "Get on your hands and knees you little whore."

I did as I was told but I couldn't stop crying. The sensations of hands and lips and tongues all over my body was so intense that I nearly couldn't stand it. My bare ass being exposed up in the air like that seemed to be an invitation for the constant slaps that stung so bad that tears were rolling down my cheeks. My head was forced down by my hair onto a big dick, as my head was being pumped up and down. I couldn't even see this man who was fucking my mouth. All the while, my pussy was growing wetter with each slap and suck.

And then, without warning, my head was released and the big hard cock was out of my mouth. Seconds later, I felt the head of a cock searing streight into my wet cunt. It felt so big and forcefull that it could have broken me in two. My pussy was being pounded so hard and deep that it was taking my breathe away. I couldn't help but cry out. The sensation in my pussy was so intense that I didn't even notice that there were no other hands on me at that moment. When the big hard cock shoved it's way so deep inside me and then stopped, I panicked. I panicked and screamed, "Daddy!"

rm_ShylaDawn 40F

8/27/2006 6:19 pm

Nice story but i remeber coming across the exact same story on an erotic archive .. hmmmm

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