...22 MANLESS and so damn GLAD about it  

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9/1/2006 1:35 am
...22 MANLESS and so damn GLAD about it

...22 MANLESS and so damn GLAD about it
...22 MANLESS and so damn GLAD about it magnify

When you’re 21 years old, without a boyfriend or even a suitor, you are considered a freak in this world.

Yep, no matter how hard you explain it, you are the odd one out. Attending parties alone. Commuting alone. Spending Valentines Day watching “Sleepless in Seattle” for the nth time. In family reunions, you are always asked that question: “Do you have a boyfriend?” That’s because a lot of people think that a man is the be-all and end-all of a woman’s existence.

So over a perfectly good slice of chocolate cake, I considered the question: “Why do I choose to be without a boyfriend?” I do not completely understand men. It is not possible and I don’t attempt to. But this is what I know.

First: I do not have to worry about gaining a few pounds. That’s why I can enjoy a perfectly good slice of chocolate cake without guilt. I don’t have to worry about trying to fit into a tube top for our (hypothetical boyfriend and me) Saturday night date. I don’t have to count the calories in a box of Cream-O just to keep my boyfriend’s eyes from wandering. I can indulge myself with the original recipe chicken, chicken BBQ burger and mashed potatoes from KFC without worrying about my abs. You see, men are visual creatures. It bothers them to see their woman even with a lil’ fat. No such thing as unconditional love unless you go to Gold’s Gym first.

Second: I’ll be known just as me and not as someone’s partner. “ And hypothetical boyfriend “ does not become my new last name.

Third: If all I needed was just someone to bring me home from school, there’s always carpool, my friendz and commuting. If what I needed was someone to carry things for me, three males in my barkada could do it. True, I can’t expect much from them on Valentine’s. But come on, it’s just one day in a year. To quote Bridget Jones: “Valentine’s Day is purely commercial, cynical enterprise, anyway. Matter of supreme indifference to me.”

Fourth: Cliché and a truth: I had the privilege of knowing myself better. I have heard this a lot of times and it is true. People make the mistake of jumping in a relationship without knowing who they really are. You have to take time to learn even the simplest things about yourself. We’re individuals. We are not extensions of another personality. You don’t have to pretend you like Alternative music just because your boyfriend does. Or eat blueberry cheesecake even if you think that it tastes like perfume.

Fifth: I heard this from the creator of “Sex & the City”: Often, women look for that someone to complete themselves. But that just doesn’t work because you alone should complete yourself. Before I chose to remain unattached, I had the illusion that there was 50 percent of me somewhere in the world. I would walk around expecting the next man to be that 50 percent. That’s why it’s so easy to believe that you were in love although you were really in love with the idea of being in love. Blame Jerry McGuire and his line “You complete me”. .

Sixth: I can be friends with all the guys I want without anyone hounding or interrogating me. A friend told me what a great feeling it was to go to a party and mingle with all sorts of people. It’s much better than sitting in the farthest corner of the bar with your boyfriend, watching everybody else having a good time. Being single gives you more freedom.

Seventh: With just too many assholes and perverts out there, this is probably the major reason why I choose to be single. Every single encounter with an asshole reaffirms my commitment to remain unattached. A friend told me that assholes act the way they do because they think that they are God’s gift to women. I think that assholes are the way they are because they can’t accept the fact that women can be better than them. Believe me, I’ve met all kinds: jerks, commitment phobic, players, liars, peeping toms, egotists, maniacs, etc.

Eight: I don’t have to listen to mushy songs, write mushy letters, and say mushy words. I used to listen to Sunday Slowdown regularly, which fed my illusion of undying, unrequited and true love. Now I listen to a lot of , urban and hiphop. It feels much better.

Ninth: My life is complicated enough. I don’t need anyone to complicate it any further. It breaks my heart to see my friends distressed over a guy. “He didn’t call.” “He didn’t show up.” “I saw him with another girl.” “He spends more time with his friends than me.” “He cancelled.” “I think he’s breaking up with me.” “He thinks I should give him space.” ‘But he just wants us to be friends.” “He wants us to get back together.” Thank God all I have to worry is getting home by 10:00 p.m. on Tuesdays to catch “Sex & the City” in HBO.

Tenth: BoyzIIMen, in their song “I’m Doing Just Fine”, could not have said it better: “I’m doing just fine, getting along very well without you in my life…I don’t need you in my life. Said I’m…I’m doing just fine baby. Time made me stronger. You’re no longer on my mind.”

So I’m fine just the way I am, thank you very much. I’m fine being alone, without a man. People tell me that I’m just saying that because I haven’t met my man yet. Well, I’m not holding my breath waiting because I like me just as I am. Being single isn’t about having a man. It’s about having fun, knowing your self and having a perfectly good slice of chocolate cake.
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