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This is a word that scares alot of people...and I'm not for sure why.

A relationship can mean so many things and not be such that either party feels like they are being strangled. A good loving relationship is one where both parties feels that the other is someone that they enjoy spending time with, both in and out of bed. It has to be someone that they have soem thing sin common with each other but a couple doesn't have to have everything in common. Sometimes being a little different and enjoying a few different thing shelps keep the relationship alive and thriving.

When I think of a relationship in this point of my life I think of having a best friend. Someone that I can talk with...someone I can share my deepest secrets with...someone that will listen to me as I either ramble or tell him how I am feeling about him or us. But I also what a partner that feels he can tell me things too that there is nothing to be kept secret from each other.

I want a man that when we look at each other we can tell what the other is thinking just by the look in our eyes and the smile on our faces. I know this doesn't happen very often because that is a connection that isnt supposed to happen with everyone only someone that is special in your life.

A relationship has to come in a time of your life where you are open to the idea of sharing yourself with another. I want to share myself, both physically, emotionally and sexually with a very special man which will make our relationship together all that sweeter. I just hope someday to find the man that feels the same way about me as I do about him at that point in time in our lives.

Love is such a funny thing but it can also be the most beautiful sensation around. I have loved a few in my life but I don't think I have found the love of my life..or at least not yet!!! I have met some guys that I feel if we had given ourselves the chance to grow together could have been that; but life interferes and we didnt nuture what we had which could be such a bad mistake. Cause a true love doesnt't come around all the time.

So if you find someone you feel that you could fall in love with madly then please explore it and don't let age, or distance interfere in taking what God has placed before you in your life.

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