Ok So Sometiems I ramble  

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12/27/2005 10:14 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Ok So Sometiems I ramble

I knwo you are all probably thinking man does this woman even know what she wants??

Yes I do it sjust everything I want is too far out of my reach. I know sometiems I do it to myself because I have been hurt so much and Im afraid of being hurt again so I push everyone away from me before I have a chance to get hurt.

Guess sometiems I hope that someone will care enough about me to keep trying and push back and get closer to me and prove to me that him and I can be good friends, lovers and maybe more. Though I don't feel that will ever happen to me.

I have read enough profiles on here to know that the men on here are looking for sexy, petite women. I have never been sexy and havent been petite since I was 13. When will you men understand that the outside of a woman has nothing to do with who she is on the inside and how she will treat you.

I have a very big lovign heart and Im willing to fall in love with the right man that wants to give me half as much love as I have to give. Just men now adays are afraid of a relationship because they do just what they all tell me Im doing. And judge men from the way Ive been treated in the past.

Well how about we all forget our pasts and just go with how you and I get along together and let God put us together if that is his wish. Not fight it but enjoy what ever he has in store for us.

Well enough rambling Im done .

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