Major Decision  

angeldevillvr 53F
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4/25/2006 7:17 pm
Major Decision

I have decided to turn off my profile on here and on other sites that I am on. I am gonna concentrate on becomign a better person and try to find a man that wants the love of a good women who will do everything she can to please him and expects the same in return.

I have to put my lif einto perspective and think about what I want from it. And I now realize what I want and Im gonna do my damdest to make it come trueand to win his heart.

As for other parts of my life my daughte r found out today she is gonna have a girl and they moved her due date up to September 1. So soon I will be a grandmother and I have to work on getting my head on straight for her, my kids, the rest of my family, the guy I want in my life and most importantly myself.

I will miss those friendsI have made on here and I may keep my account just to post on the blog and to keep an eye oiut for my friends I havemade on here. Those of you know who you are and I will miss you and love you.

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