It's So Funny  

angeldevillvr 53F
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3/9/2006 8:51 pm
It's So Funny

You knwo I never realized how life can be so funny. You look and look for soemthign and never seem to find it and then boom. You wake up realizing wha tyou thought you wanted all alogn wasn't what you really wanted after all.

I ammaking new friends and having a blast. Have a few male friends but no one serious yet in my life because no man I hav emet yet can handle me. I am one of a kind in every aspect and I want a man that is the same. I may find him and then again I might not. But I'm not worried about it I am living life to the fullest and those that don't liek me can leave me alone, not read my blog, not check out my profile and mos timportantly.THEY CAN KISS MY ASS!!!

MMMMMMMMM I can think of a fes I would like to say that too. But I'm too much of a lady and a damn sexy lady to boot. I was told I needed a pic on my profile so I took one with my cam and nwo everyoen tells me it doesnt do me justice that I need a new one. So I am plannign on taking somenew pics and then look out men cause one hot sexy momma will be on the loose.

Luv ya all and see ya later

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