Better Days  

angeldevillvr 53F
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4/21/2006 9:01 pm
Better Days

Well I can say my life is improving every day. Got notice today that my child support stopped so I will start having more money in my paychecks every week. Now if I had all the bills paid I got stuck with in the divorce thing swould really be great though I am slowly gettign them all paid.

Should have my car paid off by the end of the year and then Im hoping if all the other bills are down I can think about getting my own place. What excitement that would be to live on my able to do what I want when I want and with who I want.

And the idea of being a grandmother is growing on me. My daughter finds out Tuesday what she is having so then can really start plannign for the gbaby. Now to fine tune where I am in my personal life with men.

Well I am still searchign for that one man that just totally knocks me off my feet and that wants to make a commitment to me. I knwo youre gona say men are scared of that type of commitment and I totally agree. but love shouldnt seem liek a commitment it should be enjoyable and you should be best friends with the love of your life.

So if you are a man lookign for that too then lets chat and see where thing sgo. I realize at my age and experience that making a relationship work takes time and its nothign to be rushed into. You need to get to know each other, see each other in different settings to see if you can make things work. So lets chat and go from there.

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