mmmmmmmmm what a night mmmmmmnmmm (updated)  

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5/29/2005 10:52 pm

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mmmmmmmmm what a night mmmmmmnmmm (updated)

mmmmmmmmmmm what a night...
I had a visitor, and what a visitor he was. The night started as any other night, I happend to be watching "Pretty Woman," and he showed up. This stranger was so my type; not tall dark and handsome, but short stalky and cute as hell. The night started out like any other night; watching movie and cuddling on the couch. The cuddling soon turned to petting which turned into heavy petting with kisses (god was he a good kisser and he smelled so good to boot). OOPS there went the pants button and zipper. I feel his hand slowly caressing every part of me OHHHH and yes there he touched the hot button. MMMMMM more kisses (I could kiss him forever) he stands up leading me to the bed. He takes my hint removes his pants and boxers, mmmm his kisses and the weight of his body almost makes me blow my stack. With one quick thrust he is inside me, mmmmmmm he was made for this. Soon there after he is pounding, hard, but OHHHH it felt so good. As my legs, around his sholders, start to shiver and quake he thrusts even harder and faster, I didn't think it was possible, but MMMMMMM more shivers and quakes THE BEST GOD DAMN ORGASM I EVER HAD. What made it better, he just laid there letting me feel the full weight or his body for what seemed like hours we just laid there talking and caressing (just about gave me another orgasm right there).

This is one night I will never ever forget

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