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4/30/2005 3:28 pm

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Am I crazy to expect the best from a man that wants to date me? Am I crazy to believe that I deserve the man I marry to have no other kids out there? I have kind of given up on that second one, I do understand the realities of today. Why does life have to play this cruel joke on all us good girls. Why is it the moment you sleep with a guy he thinks he has the right to tell you what to do? Why is it the moment you start treating a man like gold he starts treating you like shit and a piece of meat? Why is it that when a man acts like a gentleman (opening doors, pulling out chairs, etc...) suddenly he thinks WE (women) owe him sex?

Irisheagle2005 61M

4/30/2005 4:08 pm

i Feel So Sorry for you that you Have Come to Feel This way About men. i have Always Treated My companions Like Equals In this World And So many Men Just don't get The Fact that Women are a Gift That can Not be Matched.There are Men out there Like me that Can Get excited By your Touch or carress And Then let it Go if that's Your Desire. You are a very Attractive young lady and Deserve that Soft Touch of your Cheek From a Man That Cherishes You For Who you are. Please Don't give Up As THere ARE Some Good Guys out there.i Don't Come into these Blogs Much But Irisheagle3649
Is a Frequent Friend of the Y! and if you need Someone to Chat With, i Know i'd be More than Happy to Talk With you. i wish you the Best of Luck in your Search For that special someone.

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4/30/2005 4:33 pm

you don't want to be a step mum particularly not outside CA regardless of any children you have he will unlikely be allowed to reduce his CS to support them considering the laws in your area stick with no. 2

but your right you have to get realistic


redswallow777 48M
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4/30/2005 5:06 pm

Whew...sounds like you have ample reason to be pissed off at men.....keep looking, there are men out here who will treat you like you deserve to be treated....with respect.

rm_00sweet 41M
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5/1/2005 8:16 pm

Honestly I see no reason why you or any woman should be pissed at men. God made men this way and women that way; the thing is men are different from women in their pose to life. In a relationship for instance men are the aggressors while the women are the responders. The aggressor syndrome of the male species is not something necessarily acquired it is intrinsic, innate and essential to them. This explains the forthrightness or the bluntness of men. A man desiring to lock horns with the reality of who is as an aggressor does himself no good as he sets himself up big time for a rude awakening. Two reasons. One in fighting himself he becomes cognitively dissonant straying away from the boundaries of normalcy into unreality, in layman’s terms he becomes nothing different from a man suffering from a personality disorder. The second reason is even more pathetic. In devolving from that brusque personality that he is to that seeming gentleman that he is not he distances himself from his desired objective, which in this case is scoring with a woman. Now no woman likes a wuss for a man therefore any man who steps out of his cocoon of aggression and forthrightness trying so hard to be what he isn’t (a gentleman) should very well know that no woman is going to feel his glare. He’ll probably be seen as a friend or a brother and nothing more. The question then is why do women behave this way? They are made to respond to nothing more than the basal instinct of sex yet they won’t admit it. We can’t kid ourselves, when it comes to a relationship it is usually about the penis and the vagina otherwise the issues of jealousy, envy, and obsession wouldn’t rear their ugly heads. A woman is usually pissed with her bloke because he’s either dogging around or can’t satisfy her in bed. The same goes for the guy. The point is sex is the downright issue here. Men demand it on an aggressive note and the women pretend not to want it upfront. Women? I honestly find them hard to comprehend sometimes. Most don’t know what they want and what a man is about either perhaps the very reason why they are so easily manipulated or trifled with. Say a woman walks into a nightclub looking to hookup with some dude, she will often overlook the man who’s hanging out all by himself in favor of one who seem to be scoring with the honeys. She wants a guy she can brag about to her friends as a Don Juan without his flirty ways. She wants Brad Pitt all to herself. The thing is she’ll sleep with Brad if he demands it on their first date but she wouldn’t do it with any normal guy coming up with all sort of moral bullshit! The smart guys see this and are usually prepared whereas the ignoramus keep being nice hoping for some pussy in the long run which in my estimation they’ll never come close to getting. The smart brother toys with the woman, flirting with her, using wit and sarcasm in his approach while at the same time feeling the woman’s body with his eyes. She’s not clueless, she’s knows what’s going on, she likes it, she plays along and before you know it it’s ooh, ha, ooh, ha. My mum taught me a valuable lesson: “we women are evil” she’ll often say, the courteous guy who buys the flowers, the chocolates and is willing to do whatever never scores with us, it is the Don Juan who trifles with our feelings we usually give the benefit of the doubt. So don’t be overly nice, don’t get too involved, stay aloof, this way you’d be more in tune with what she really wants and not what she’s fronting”. On the other end of the spectrum are the smarter women. They know what they want and are about, you hardly ever find them bitching at men because they dictate their pace and they are in control. What do they do? They accentuate themselves. They sell their goods well never showing any act desperation knowing fully well that they like the men enjoy being pursued and the pursuit respectively. She never has to tell him to back off sexually as sex is usually the last thing on his mind; the pursuit for one is a handful. How does she keep him interested without ever letting down her guard? She plays with him with her charm, she makes herself more interesting, she does something self-fulfilling that doesn’t involve him, sending out the message that while she digs him she’s just as responsible for her own happiness as he should be for his. The conclusion? The man-woman thing is a game. She wants to fuck you she’ll say but don’t be fooled my young man; underneath that thin veneer of bullshit is a lady dying to come out. She’ll propose to you before you know it! She wants to be wined and dined before 69 she lets your believe but really what she wants is a commandant who’ll tell her to go down on him and suck is dick. The smart men stick to their aggressor roles telling it as it is, the smart honeys understanding the roles of the men as aggressors play Cleopatra. It is a coming together of hot and cold, brute and seduction ‒ a win-win situation for each party involved. Like the notorious B.I.G would always say throw your hands in the air if you’s a true player or a lady who knows how to play the guys like dummies.

lupon_69 43M

5/4/2005 1:50 pm

WOW I think you made your point lol....

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