My Ultimate Fantacy...  

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4/9/2005 7:52 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Ultimate Fantacy...

I received this today and I thought I would pass it along

...what if I told you that right now I'm pulling on myself while I imagine disrobing you right inside your front door as you've just opened it, and picking you up into the air while your face is still in shock, mouth and eyes wide open, then I carry you into your bedroom and place you on the edge of your bed. Now I pull my shirt over my head and I watch your eyes move over my body and the supple bulge of my crotch. I tell you to take off my pants and so you look up at me then you put your hands on my chest (which is just a bit hairy) give my nipples a little tug, then drag your nails down and slide your fingers under the waist-band of my jeans. You unsnap my pants, and slowly unzip me. You pull the jeans down and see that I'm not wearing any underwear (which I always go without when I'm not at work, hehehe...thought you might like to know). My cock is long, clean, thick, and smooth with a large bulbous head, but still soft at this point. Now I run my fingers into your hair and massage your scalp for a few seconds with one hand and reach down and take my cock into my other hand. As your eyes start to close from the pleasure of my mini-massage I tell you, "Get me good and wet." and gently begin to force your mouth down onto my soft dick. Now I feel the hot wet moisture of your mouth close around my shaft and I feel you salivate all over me as you work your tongue around on my head. Now you feel my cock's girth increase dramatically inside your mouth as your lips tighten on me and my erection grows to it's full length inside you. Then you reach around and grab my hard ass and squeeze it as you pull me farther into your mouth, starting now to work your head on and off of me. I take my hands away from your head, and place them on yours while you suck my cock to a bony hardness. My cock is soaking now so I push your head off of me and push you back onto the bed. I lean over almost on top of you and put my mouth right to your ear and say "You're gonna love this....." and I take your earlobe softly into my mouth, alternately sucking and flicking my tongue on it. Then I sit back up into a kneeling position between your legs. Now I take the head of my cock and rub it lightly on your clit....back and forth...up and down.....till your pussy lips are good and wet. Now I I lean back over you and take your hands into mine and pin them up behind your head. I look into your eyes and smile slyly now as I move into better position and you feel my throbbing cock-head begin to open you up as I push my hips in and I begin to slip inside you. I keep pushing ever so gently and ever more deeply inside you as I feel you dialate and try to accept me in there. I watch your eyes and lips as I do this. I feel your hot breath as you hyperventilate with your eyes brightly, widely opened as this new pain begins inside you. I keep staring into your eyes as I keep moving my hips slowly, pushing my cock in and out of you gently to the music you have playing softly in the next room. I'm sooooo hard and sooooo ready to cum but I control myself as I stroke inside of you and take your real virginity from you. You see the eager lust in my eyes and I see the hot desire in yours as I keep pumping my ass into the air. I bend my head around and start to kiss and suck on your neck, then and again holding my cock deep inside you for a few moments as I suck tenderly on one spot of your neck. I keep doing this till I feel your breath even out as you acclimate to the lessening pain. Now I start the real fun...I begin to rotate my hips around and around with each thrust of my dick, pushing up against your G spot on my way towards the back of you. I wiggle myself in and out of your hot, tight pussy as I explore you. I wait for your moaning to begin and as it hightens I speed my thrusting up. You feel my cock punishing you on the inside while my hands keep bracing your arms over your head. More kissing and licking on your neck....continuous stroking over your G spot....your nipples stand erectly at attention as I work on you. Now the orgasm starts to take you as I fill you up again and again. You begin a long steady moan into my ear and I feel your whole body stiffen as I push hard inside you and hold it there for a few seconds and the waves begin to rack you. Every time you exhale now I pump again softly...and again...and again...then as you start to wind down and the loud moaning turns to a whimper I deliver the coup de tat. I bury myself all the way inside you. I go as deep as I can push into you. You try to bring your legs together to keep me from entering you so deep, but I use my legs to force you back open and I plunge as deep as I can. A new searing pain tears through you, but it's quickly replaced by this new pleasant erotic warmth that you've never felt before. I let your arms go and I grab you up under your shoulders and pull you hard against me and I start speeding up. Now your eyes roll back as I thrust and plunge hard into you. You hear me grunting and straining as I pound all the way into you. My pelvis beats against yours and you begin to scream my name into the night. Now you wrap your legs around me and pull yourself harder against me as I grip you and drill my cock inside your beautiful body. Your pussy is flooding the bed as I roughly stroke you into exstacy. I pound on you this way for 10 minutes...15....20.....finally, as my muscles are ripping with tension, and my thighs beg for relief I feel you let go and finally a cataclysmic orgasm starts in your loins, hot, wet, tingly and spreads over you like thousands of groping fingers across your body like the breath of angels against your skin. At the same time I finally get my relief and I push my cock up against your G spot and let my cum explode against you there. You feel my fantastically hot juice squirt firmly against you there and your orgasm is multiplied as it gets pumped inside you. You exhale in quick short loud yelps and I let out a long low moan as I collapse onto you and push back deeper inside you. I begin to suck softly at your nipples as I empty my sizzling load inside you. As our orgasms finally trail off I try to work my tension out and keep slowly pumping in and out of your pussy. The squishing sounds from our mingled juices should sound silly, but they're just more eroticism as we catch our breaths and start to cuddle each other. Now I just roll over and pull you on top of me, and you stradle my still throbbing manhood as I lay back and feel the warm liquid spill out of you and slip down the shaft of my glistening cock and onto my now depleted balls onto the bedspread. You lay your head against my chest with a huge smile on your face as I fall asleep. I drift off for a few minutes, but I stir and still feel myself being mostly hard inside you. You come out of your daze and turn your head and place your chin on your folded hands and look up into my eyes, still smiling. I kiss your forehead and wink, then whisper, "You ready to go again?" Then you sit back up quickly and say, "I thought you'd never ask!"

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