Favorite lover...(pt 2)  

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8/19/2005 10:14 pm

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Favorite lover...(pt 2)

As she lay there in the arms of her "dream man", dark hair green eyes-that's all she wished for when she was younger. As she lay there staring at the ceiling enjoying the feeling of his arms around her, she thought "How is this happening? Why is my luck changing? I know I deserve this, but HOW?" She felt a sudden urge to get up go to the other room and splash cold water on her face, to awaken her from this dream. Next she crawled her way to bed she started up from the bottom starting at his toes she licked and sucked her way up to his mouth. She paid close and special attention to his, oh so beautiful, love stick. After her attention of licking and sucking on his love stick she felt his special love juice just start to ooze out of the tip and down her throat, so she refocused her attention. Licked, nibbled, and sucked her way to her lovers face. While there she licked and nibbled on J's beautiful, plump, sensual, and immense pleasure giving lips and tongue. Once up near his face she kissed him long, passionate, and with a non-church going tongue. This kiss went on and on for what felt like an eternity. Moving to his ear she continued to pleasure him with her mouth; licking, nibbling, sucking, and just basically making love to his ear. She loved to cherished every single part of his body taking her sweet time cherishing. While cherishing his body she was straddling his hips, while sitting there she began to roll her hips. Whilst she rolled her hip back and forth she was letting him feel her very juicy love lips. Through the rolling of her hip she could feel that J wanted more she continued to roll her hips to slowly introduce him to her love tunnel.


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