Favorite Lovers...(pt 3)  

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8/20/2005 1:16 pm

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Favorite Lovers...(pt 3)

J kicked into gear rolling his hips matching the rhythm of M’s hips. J started Rubbing and caressing M’s ample mounds upon her chest. J grazed his hands down to M’s hips pulling him into her more fully. M started to buck wildly onto of her favorite lover; J took this hint and grabbed M’s hands for stability sake. M arched her back, giving J a beautiful view of her ample heaving breasts. M moaned loudly and began to grind her hips to J’s hips even harder and faster. J feeling himself starting to ascend the crest of ecstasy, he started moaning getting very loud. M also felt herself nearing the crest, threw herself forward to kiss J’s lips and ever so gracefully rolled over presenting herself on the bottom. M wrapped her legs around J’s hips forcing him to slow down, she wanted this to last she loved making love to J. She pulled J to her chest; she wanted to feel his heartbeat. J being exhausted did as he felt and just collapsed on M’s chest feeling skin against skin but still having the sensation of being inside M. M passionately kissed J everywhere she could reach; his neck, arms, hands, lips, forehead, and ears. Once J felt he had rested enough he continued his and M’s enjoyment, although they had both rested in each others arms the waves of ecstasy started to crash over them both. J slowed to a stroke per ten seconds just letting the waves over take his body as well as he wanted to feel every muscle tightening from M.


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